How To Get A Fabulous Kitchen Pantry Cabinet for Small Spaces

Finding the right kitchen pantry cabinet for small spaces isn’t so hard anymore. You can buy a ready to use one at the stores, but you can always custom build one to really fit your small space. You need to fit your needs, but these cabinets have its efficiency for storage and they look great too. Check them out.

1. Swing and Pull Out Mode Pantry Cabinet for Small Kitchen

This cabinet is especially a fit for small spaces. As you can see, it is just as big as your small usual kitchen cabinet. Yet, when you open the doors, you will find that both doors are enhanced with shelves for storing. Never waste any space, true.

On the inside, you will see two vertical storages with shelves on each of it. For the more fun, they are actually pull out storages. Pull them out to take out or store your supplies, and push them all in back when you don’t need them.

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Kitchen storage cabinets for small spaces
Space saving cabinets for kitchen. Image:

2. The Corner Cabinet, Corner Pantry Ideas for Small Kitchens

This cabinet makes sure that you use the entire space wisely, and it means your pantry can go into your small kitchen corner. It is highly possible as long as you are willing to build the shelves like this. Add tiers with many sizes to fit your storage need.

Build the shelves from floor to ceiling to get and use all of the spaces efficiently, and make a bigger shelf for your small appliances too. Enhance with organizers and you are a master on this.

Corner pantry cabinet for small spaces
Space saving kitchen cabinet ideas

3. Make Departments Kitchen Pantry Cabinet for Small Spaces

One of the most effective ways to get your pantry cabinet organized is by dividing the shelves into department. Like this cabinet, the upper shelves are for cooking and food supplies. All the spices, ingredients, and all edibles are stored in here.

Under the counter top that is made for the small appliances, this cabinet has tiers of drawers. Each drawer is enhanced with organizers so you can store your cooking tools and utensils neatly and efficiently. No space is wasted, and each drawer can store as many items as possible.

Make Departments Kitchen Pantry Cabinet for Small Spaces
Make Departments Kitchen Pantry Cabinet for Small Spaces

4. Closet Pantry Ideas with Simply a Pull Out Drawer

This simple cabinet always works with any small space and small kitchen. It is just on regular cabinet size, but you are going to use the storage space efficiently. The cabinet is usually completed with pull out drawers like this for storage system.

Being a pull out, storing and taking out supplies will be a lot easier. The tiers will make sure you have more space so you can store more items on it. It will be best to use drawer organizers too so you can store neatly without wasting any space.

Closet Pantry Ideas with Simply a Pull Out Drawer
Pantry cabinet small space

5. Narrow Space Cabinet Wheeled Pantry

This pantry cabinet is pretty popular today for all of its specialties. First, its size is just best for small spaces. It is very narrow, but it is deep enough to store many items. In fact, you can slip the cabinet in a gap between your fridge and the wall.

To make it convenient when used, it is completed with wheels and it has tiers of shelves on it. It is effective and the shelves make it an efficient cabinet too. Many people like to DIY this cabinet, but buying one isn’t expensive as well.

Narrow Space Cabinet Wheeled Pantry
Narrow Space Cabinet Wheeled Pantry

6. Side Cabinet Pantry Space Saving Small Kitchen

This cabinet idea will fit you if you think you have no more space for a pantry. In fact, there is still one more space you can explore, the side of your kitchen cabinet. Build a narrow but wide pantry cabinet on the side.

For best use of the space, add tiers of shelves in it. It allows you to store more without wasting any available space. Now, you have a pantry cabinet in your small space. More than that, it will be convenient to get your supplies while cooking.

Pantry cabinet for small spaces
Pantry cabinet for small spaces

7. Awkward Corner Kitchen Cabinet Pantry for Small Space

Use your awkward corner for a pantry cabinet. The position doesn’t matter at all, and you can actually use this space too. It may not be in an ideal width, but you can always build one deep enough to cater your storage need.

For best use of space, you should add tiers of drawers or pull out shelves. They will make it easy to take out and store items, and more tiers also mean more space to store your items. Don’t forget to use the back of the door too for being ultra efficient.

Awkward Corner Kitchen Cabinet Pantry for Small Space

8. Narrow but Tall Kitchen Cabinet Pantry

There is no more space but a narrow one? This cabinet will do. You see, it doesn’t have the ideal width or depth, but it has more than the usual tiers of shelves. It means the entire space of this cabinet is divided efficiently so you can store more items without stacking too high with risks.

While one cabinet has shelves, the lower drawers will offer the benefit for small items storage. You only need organizers like baskets and containers, and maybe dividers for the drawers to make it works its best.

Narrow Tall small space pantry cabinet
Narrow Tall small space pantry cabinet

9. Small Space Kitchen Storage Ideas with Bookcase Pantry Cabinet

This cabinet is made of a bookcase clearly, and thanks to the regular book case design, it utilizes space from the floor to the ceiling. It doesn’t have to be ideally wide, but it is tall enough to offer more than enough shelves.

To use it as a pantry, place it on one small corner. Add organizers like wire baskets, containers, raiser, and more. It helps a lot in using all the space efficiently, and you won’t want the big and bulky cabinet anymore with this.

Space saving cabinet ideas
Space saving cabinet ideas

10. Small Space Kitchen Organizing Tips, Use All Faces

This cabinet idea is a good one if you happen to have a cabinet as pantry that is on the end of the row. You actually have another face of the cabinet and you can use it too. It promises more space, and it can offer you more convenience.

You can have shelves, drawers, pull out drawers, hangers, and more with it. Your drawers may not be that deep, but your pull out is maybe bigger. It is maybe a lot better depending on your need. Choose a design that caters your need.

Apartment pantry solutions
Apartment pantry solutions


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