Ideas of Bold Print Wallpaper for Small Space

Most articles on the internet will give you the idea of having simple and light and bright colour in order to give a spacious feeling in your small space? but have you tried to say something different by putting the bold wallpaper? Here are bold print wallpaper ideas for small space that you should know.

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1. Bold Print Wallpaper for Kitchen

Even though the kitchen has the essential function in the house, sometimes the kitchen has a tiny space in the house. So, we could decorate the kitchen without making it look smaller? If you like to have bold print wallpaper you could try to put in one side of the wall of the kitchen with the bold decorative wallpaper.

For example, if you eventually have a kitchen and the dining table in the same room, you could put the checkered pattern wallpaper behind the dining table in order to give the illusion of separated rooms but not making it look cramped.

Another idea that you can do to decorate your kitchen, to apply the certain pattern of bold wallpaper such as black and white arrow prints which can give modern vibe in the kitchen, or if you want to give the feminine side of the kitchen, you could put floral print wallpaper.

Remember not to overdo it and stick with only one or maximum two sides of the kitchen area to make it too noisy since kitchen should give a comfortable feeling for those who use it either to cook or to enjoy the meal.

Bold Print Wallpaper Ideas for Kitchen

2. Bold Print Wallpaper for Bedroom

One of the tips that you could do for the small bedroom is to combine the bright colour and the right contrasts. You could combine the bold pattern in one side of the area and to balance it you could use the neutral colour on the other side. This will make the bold pattern will be more outstanding but on the other hand it will not make the room feel cluttered.

Another brilliant idea that you could do is to put the bold wallpaper in the ceiling. Even though the old days, the Italian has the fresco ceiling, but the idea to put the bold wallpaper for the ceiling in the bedroom could be another alternative to decorate the room.

This option is also suitable for those who don’t have space for the wallpaper such as the room located on the attic. Not only to make space look bigger, but it also helps you to enjoy the nice decoration before you slept.

Bold Print Wallpaper for Bedroom Small Space

3. Bold Print Wallpaper for the Kids room or Kids Bedroom

If you have a space that you use for your kids playing room, you could put a bold print wallpaper with animal patterns that will brighten and give the fun feel of the room, the same wallpaper could be applied to the kid’s bedroom if you don’t have the dedicated playing room for the kids.

Bold Print Wallpaper for Small Kids Room

4. Bold Print Wallpaper for Entrance

If you have a house with small entryway before going to the living room, you could apply wallpaper with a bold pattern such as dalmatian spots, a tropical mural with the colourful leaves, or ikat pattern in order to give the dynamic ambience when you or your guests entering the house. For the other side of the entryway, you could tone down with the nude and neutral colour to give the balance.

Bold Print Wallpaper for Entrance

5. Bold Print Wallpaper for Bathroom

Bathroom commonly a small space and people probably will not think to put too much decoration on it. However, either the bathroom is in your house or toilet in your restaurant or shop, you would like to make it beautiful and not boring.

Therefore, put the bold print wallpaper in the bathroom could be one of the options. You can choose the wallpaper that will match with the colour of the toilet, sink, and the furniture. You could choose various kind of wallpaper for your bathroom starts from an animal pattern, a classic look wallpaper with cloud and bird, black and white tree graphic until the abstract paint pattern.

Bold Print Wallpaper for Bathroom Small Space


6. Bold Print Wallpaper for Living Room

Don’t be afraid to play with the pattern with your living room even though you have a small space. One of the ideas that you could do is to put the bold pattern wallpaper behind the shelves will create different look instead of leaving it with a solid color.

If you have a big window in the living room, you could put on the wall near the window a graphic mid-century modern-inspired wallpaper print, since you have the natural lighting that makes the loom rook spacious, you don’t need to worry to put this extra busy pattern as long as it is close with the window.

Bold print wallpaper for small space living room


7. Bold Print Wallpaper for the Stairway

Instead of having only a solid colour, why don’t you put a bit of accent by applying bold pattern wallpaper on the wall that directly connected with the stairs? You could choose either a small pattern or the big pattern in this area depends on your preference.

Bold Print Wallpaper for the Stairway

Additional Tips: How to Choose the Pattern

To choose the right pattern, you will need to make sure that you like the pattern because you will have to see it daily. You could choose it based on the colour that you like and go with your instinct to mix and match the wallpaper with the colour of the wall. Trendy wallpaper is good but choosing overly trendy could make you feel tired in a short period and want to change it in a year.

Choose the pattern that will be fit with your furniture or painting that you have already in the same room. Big pattern is not bad at all, sometimes it could also give a spacious feeling of the room. Therefore, don’t afraid to do an experiment for the total transformation of one space.

So, are you ready to decorate your small space with the bold print wallpaper? Either you do it by yourself or seeking help from the professional to apply the wallpaper, never afraid to put a bold pattern in your house!

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