Ideas for Elegant Traditional Small Kitchens

When it comes to design your home, the kitchen becomes the essential part.  As the heart of the home, the kitchen is the place for the family member to cook, to gather and to enjoy the delicious meals. Even if you have small spaces, you still can make your kitchen to be efficient yet elegant.

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1. What is Traditional Kitchen?

The traditional kitchen is the timeless design that gives you a warm and welcome feeling. Classic style, wood, muted and neutral colors are the domination of this design. The high cabinets are playing the important part to add the dimension of the kitchen.

To give more “family feeling”, the ornaments and decoration are often added. This is the style that is never out to date and always popular from time to time.

Ideas for Elegant Traditional Small Kitchens

Traditional Small Kitchen Decor and Design Ideas, Image:

However, traditional kitchen is not merely about woods, it is always about the character of the kitchen. The chosen furniture and colors combination is an important element of traditional style. When it comes to the small spaces, the streamlined design, clean and casual is important to keep the kitchen to be functional.

2. Maximizing the Storage

One of the success keys for small space is how you maximize your storage. Plenty cupboards and the elevated cabinets will make the kitchen looks clean and tidy. Remember to always put the everyday use kitchenware to the lower shelf that is easy to reach and the rare use to the higher shelf.

Never waste of empty spaces, make do-it-yourself sliding cabinets between the wall and the fridge or put extra shelves in the corner.

Add portable storage if it is needed. The wooden trolley will be ideal for your small kitchen, it is still in line with the traditional kitchen style and you can use the top surface for the cooking preparation. If you don’t need it, you can easily move it somewhere else for extra space. You could also use this trolley to display some beverage when you have guests coming.

3. Functional Kitchen Island or Peninsula

Some of the small room could not have the kitchen island due to space. However, if you still could put it on your kitchen always try to find the slim yet functional design and use the lower racks to store pots, pans or any bulky kitchenware. you could also go with the option of the island that could be used as well for the small dining table.

Another clever idea is to put kitchen peninsula instead of an island. Peninsula usually has one side attached to the wall and has other three open sides. The same concept with the kitchen island, try to have some racks underneath the peninsula so you could have some extra storage.

Peninsula has many features such as dining table, bar or preparation area. It is also the best way to divide the kitchen with other room if you have an open floor plan.

Functional kitchen island for small spaces

Functional kitchen island for small spaces. Image:

4. Minimize it to Make It Efficient

Today’s minimalist lifestyle also could be implemented in your kitchen. Make lists based on your experience of the must-have kitchenware and the stuff that you will not need in your kitchen. Do you really need ten sets of chinaware?

You can do extreme way by getting rid of it but if you feel that you will need this one day, you can store it somewhere else. Move the laundry washing machine could be put inside or a nearby bathroom. You will be surprised to see how much space that you can save when you eliminate the stuff that you don’t need.

Make sure to have your countertop to be tidy and store the bulky items in the cupboards or cabinets. Store the microwave into a hidden cupboard or above the oven. Put the magnetic knife racks to minimize the space. Install rails to hang the utensils or small pans that you often use.

Nice storage island and small traditional kitchen cabinets

5. Keep it Classy and Elegant

Choosing the right color is important to maintain the classy style. Mix and match of the colors of the cabinets, countertops, and wall are important to create the warm ambiance. Combination of granite countertops, wooden cabinets, and the muted color wall is one of the examples. White color and marble backsplash also great idea to make the room looks more spacious.

Painting the cabinets is one of the ways to elevate the traditional look of your kitchen without breaking the bank. It doesn’t have to be always a wooden color to get the ambiance, you could also choose a blue Scandinavian style or cream color for a relaxing mood.

Don’t forget the floor, it is the element that is often being ignored. You could put the oak flooring to add the traditional feeling. The other alternative is the white and black marble tile floor and combines it with pale marble countertops to get the classier look. If you feel to change the floor will be too expensive for your budget, you could add a rug that will upgrade the vintage look in your kitchen.

6. The Tiny Details

Even if you have a small kitchen, you still can play around with the tiny details. Hang the chopper pans in the rails to make it practical but also for the ornament in your kitchen. Install rustic wine rack on top of empty spaces. Put small nickel vase to store your utensils or simply to put flowers. Put gold tiles or marbles on the backsplash to make it contrast with the cabinets.

Lighting is also the extra elements to give more traditional looks. Choose the lantern style lights, bronze pendant lights or vintage chandelier to give a classy touch. Remember to always choose the lights that match with the furniture and floor style.

Since most of the family member spends lots of time in the kitchen, it is very essential to keep the kitchen to have a home and family feeling. It is not hard to implement this style to your kitchen as long as you always keep the main elements. Have fun designing your kitchen!


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