How to Make Small Kitchen Vintage Style with Tin Interiors

Who could resist the vintage style? It is classy, fun and always in style. Some people might hesitate to take the concept, since they only have small kitchen. The limited space makes them limit the decoration and use it to keep some spices instead. That’s sad, though. There are ways to incorporate vintage style in small kitchen by applying tin interior.


1. Tin As Wallpaper

Never thought about it? One simple trick to make the small kitchen looks vintage is using tin as wallpaper. This might not be a popular option, since tin absorb heat and store it before releasing the heat slowly.

There is another trick to solve this problem: install tin wallpaper on one side only and make sure the wall is next to window or open door. This way, the heated tin wallpaper will cool down faster.

Thinking about the pairing? The safe play for tin interior is wainscot. It is the wooden decoration made from cedar or pine, installed in the bottom part of the wall.

Since the kitchen is small, try to have cupboard instead of wall decoration only.

The wall itself shouldn’t be left empty. Install some headboard and paint it with similar color to the tin. Another choice: take reclaimed wood as the layer. Use this space to put plates or spices.

Tin Wallpaper Kitchen Vintage Style

2. Antique Pie Safe

In the old times, baking is one of the most favorite things to do in the kitchen. Family and guests may enjoy the apple pie with a cup of afternoon tea. Even back then, the pie should be allowed to cool down before being served.

How to do this? Leaving it alone will invite bugs. There is something called pie safe. The vintage style of this has punched tin on the front side, allowing air flow but blocking the bugs.

Putting this pie safe in small kitchen will spice up the decoration. Besides, it has relatively small size when compared to the regular cupboard. Therefore, this item would fit perfectly to the limited space kitchen.

The pie safe could still serve its function to cool down the pie. Otherwise, it could store any other cooking items such as spices, flour, jar of pickles, canned food, etc.

Tin Pie Safe Antiques for Small Kitchen Interior decorations


3. Tin Ceiling

If the house owners are satisfied enough with all the arrangements and furniture in the kitchen, is there any way to incorporate the tin interior? Luckily, there is one option; installing the tin ceiling. This was a popular trend in 1920s, providing a great impact for the kitchen.

In addition, the tin ceiling comes in various patterns, so the house owner could pick the one that fits into the overall concept of the kitchen.

Not all shops have ready stock tin tiles for ceiling. Thus, it is better to call before hand and ask them for the total amount needed.

Ask the building worker to measure the total area to cover and the tin tiles needed. Never order the exact number requested. Be sure to order more, approximately 15% of the total numbers, just in case there are several cut mistake. If the shape of the ceiling is not symmetrical, also order decorative stripes.

Tin Ceiling Kitchen Small Space Interior Design

4. Tin Sink

Have the house owners considered installing tin sink? It is not the metal or stainless type! Both of these will give off modern vibe instead of vintage touch. The tin sink for kitchen looks like a big bucket installed on the kitchen stall.

This idea usually works for bathroom sink, but it could be applied for the kitchen, too. Make sure to choose the galvanized tin bucket instead of the regular one.

Those who choose tin sink should worry about the care, too. Otherwise, the beautiful silver will be replaced with ugly rust within weeks.

First, never leave the dirty dishes over the night. Clean it immediately. Make sure there is no leftover food or soap sticks to the tin sink. After the last dish washing, clean up the sink using the mixture of dishwasher liquid and warm water. Dip soft sponge in it and rub the sink in circular motion.

Tin sink kitchen interior decor ideas that you can adopt


5. Punched Tin Lighting

Need other ideas for vintage kitchen? Try to install the punched tin lighting. Remember how the pendant light was so popular in 1960s? The tin lighting fixture accentuate similar atmosphere.

Installing the lighting in small kitchen will surely light up the look. The only thing left is choosing the suitable model for the kitchen. Different model gives different look. Make sure to choose the prettiest one that suits the small kitchen.

For decorative purpose, punched tin with pattern will be the best choice. The lamp is covered by the tin structure. When lighted, the pattern will be seen on the wall.

If the house owners aim for bright lighting, then pick the punched tin with several fake candles under it. The tin acts as the frame, and the lamps are installed in the head of the candle. Another option is the pendant tin lighting, which will light the area under the lamp only.

Tin Kitchen Fixture for small kitchen interior decor ideas

6. Tin Backsplash

In a small kitchen, it is easy to spot a dull area. In most cases, the dull one is the backsplash area. It is the area between the upper cupboard and the kitchen counters. Instead of installing boring tiles, what about the decorative tin? Not all people opt for this look and being the first one doesn’t seem like bad idea, right?

Tin Backsplash kitchen interior decorations

One reason why tin backsplash is not popular is the metal nature; it is easy to rust. Don’t forget that backsplash could easily get dirty after cooking. Therefore, the house owner should do the cleaning more often to keep the tin in good shape. While choosing commercial product to clean the tin, make sure to choose the one for chrome, since it has less abrasive ingredients.

Never say no before considering the process. Vintage decoration doesn’t always mean buying. If the person wants to invest some time, the projects above could be an option. Also, the tin interiors could never fails to impress as decoration.

Tin wall tile interior decor for dining area small kitchen

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