How to Make Mustard Yellow in Your Small Kitchen Décor

Mustard yellow is back on trend right now. It is included in modern, rustic, vintage, and all other décor styles. It works in a large and small room. In fact, it gives your kitchen a livelier feeling, making it like a cheerful morning every day.

However, some people find it hard to include it. It takes a little effort to match it, true. It is unlike other neutral colors like black and white that work anytime. You need to consider a little to make mustard yellow a complementing color in your kitchen. Here is how!

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1. Color the Ceiling

This is probably the easiest way you can possibly do. The ceiling doesn’t require you to consider more details. You can simply color the ceiling with this color and it instantly pops out. You need to learn the method to do this right. But it shouldn’t be hard.

While it is simple enough to do, and fast, you will love how people will get surprised by it. It is totally unexpected and it delivers cheerful feeling. Work with details under later for richer look of the room.

Mustard yellow small kitchen ceiling ideas


2. The Kitchen Accessories

Adding some yellow mustard kitchen accessories is also fast and simple to do. It is simple and you only need to place them down to decorate the kitchen. It doesn’t take a lot of space so it makes a perfect choice.

For tips, select one category at a time. You can start with dinnerware or cooking ware. Once you get them, place them on your countertop. It changes the kitchen instantly. If you want it to be effective, buy things that actually function instead of a mere decoration.

Mustard yellow kitchen accessories

Mustard yellow kitchen accessories. Image:

3. Refinish the Cabinet

Kitchen cabinet is a free canvas you should consider changing. It is commonly paired with white, but it should work with other colors to surprisingly, like black, dark blue, and more. You can paint the cabinet door only, or the entire thing.

For tips, you can leave the rest of the cabinet in white and use the same white color for the handle. It creates consistency and the attention to details create sophisticated look. You can paint it yourself but it still looks expensive almost effortlessly.

Mustard yellow kitchen cabinets

4. Change the Wallpaper

If you use wallpaper in your kitchen, you can simply change it. There are many options of this on the store. You can replace the old wallpaper with the new one in yellow mustard. It will deliver extreme change which is a pleasant thing to look at.

You don’t need to always prefer the plain yellow mustard. Instead, you can go with patterns and combination of colors. If you combine white and yellow mustard in the room, which is the best combination here, try to get the same combination for your new wallpaper.

Yellow country kitchen walls wallpaper

5. Repaint the Wall

This is an alternative to the previous trick. The main point is to work your wall with yellow mustard. Instead of working with smaller details, you can try changing the kitchen wall with this color. Yes, you need to carefully select the shade to make it perfect yellow mustard.

As in wallpaper, you can also go for plain shade while the same color with pattern or details in other shade like white should be pleasant. You can cover the entire walls of the room, but covering only one or two of the walls are great too.

Mustard yellow kitchen walls paint

6. Change Your Backsplash

You don’t have to always go big to work this color in your kitchen. Smaller detail like kitchen backsplash is a perfect target to work on to. It doesn’t give too much modification in your kitchen, but it gives influential change on the overall look.

You are going to need to select your tiles carefully. Starts with the yellow mustard then decide if you want some accent and combination with other colors too. It will be nice to have the change on the entire line of the wall, but it is completely fine too to modify just a small area for a start.

Mustard yellow kitchen backsplash

7. Yellow Mustard Furniture

The furniture is one of the things that can be used in this project. The size of furniture is already big, so you don’t have to go all out always in this. Several furniture items you can work with include the chairs and the table.

If you still want the table feet black, you can cover the surface with yellow mustard. If the same thing goes for the chair, cover the seat with yellow mustard paint. It gives you the best yellow mustard inclusion while it looks stunning.

Mustard yellow kitchen chairs

8. The Cooking Appliances

Instead of modifying a lot of things, you can focus on one category at a time. One of the possible part of the kitchen that can bring yellow mustard well is the cooking appliances. Yes, we are talking about the oven, stove, blender, food processor, and more.

Surprisingly, with this color being on trend, you will be able to find them in yellow mustard finish. It is almost effortlessly if you want this color in your kitchen. In alternative, consult for special paint for this stuff to keep it edible support.

Mustard yellow appliances for small kitchen


9. The Linens

The kitchen linens look small, but it will be impactful when you change it into yellow mustard. The linens should include the curtain or shades, napkin, table cloth, and more. Each of the item isn’t exactly large. It needs to be placed in different spots as well.

It is naturally perfect. You involve the color on each part of the kitchen while you keep it minimal. It is more of an accent than the entire theme, but it will look super great and stylish. Don’t forget the breakfast table. There are linens you can work with there.

Yellow linen napkins small kitchen decorations


10. The Small Things

This is more like adding additional accent to create consistent look than building a theme. Your kitchen contains so many things that can be used for accent. You only need to refinish them in yellow mustard, or just buy one in the color.

For example, you can consider using yellow mustard for the plants pots, for the breakfast chair pillows, the lamp shade, the kitchen mat and more. Luckily, you will be able to find them in the color as yellow mustard is so much in demand today.

Mustard yellow small kitchen decoration ideas

Mustard yellow small kitchen decoration ideas. Image:


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