Here is How to Make the Most of a Small Kitchen Nicely!

Planning a small kitchen usually takes a longer time comparing to a bigger space. It is expected since the layout needs to be perfect. In urban area, this is a common challenge. They have only small space yet they are going to have a busy kitchen every day. So, here are several smart hacks to make your small kitchen the most.

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1. Your Wall is Space Too

If adequate space is something you can’t get right now, consider working with your wall instead. Most people think that a kitchen layout needs to be horizontal to be ideal. In fact, vertical layout is fine too. You don’t have to go totally vertical. You only need to use the wall too.

Several items like pegboards, rods, and shelves will be helpful in taking things off the cupboard. Everything in the kitchen that has a handle, from pan to utensils, can be hooked on the wall. You’ll love the look too.

Kitchen wall hacks small spaces

2. Make It Tall

This is similar to the previous hack but this one takes more. Instead of leaving some space on top of the shelves and cupboard, you should consider filling the dusty gaps with something helpful. You can add additional storage space on it which will be great for a lively kitchen.

You may need to do custom built cabinetry, but you can also ask your designer to find you off the shelves options. Surprisingly, there are many of them today. You’ll have enough choices to consider and most of them are totally stylish too.

Tall cabinets kitchen storage ideas

3. Add Secret Storage

Most small kitchens have custom made breakfast bench. It makes a perfect pair for a small kitchen. It hugs the corner and it doesn’t take too much space. In fact, it offers more than you ever think before. Considering the shape, it has potential storage under seat.

Instead of leaving it that way, consider enriching the design so you can use the space for additional storage. It doesn’t make the kitchen more crowded as you don’t add actual storage. It will look tidy for being hidden. No one will know unless you tell them as well.

How to Make the Most of a Small Kitchen with Secret Storage Kitchen

4. Smart Size Appliances

First, we need to clarify wrong assumption that when it comes to kitchen appliances, bigger is better. This is wrong. The size of the kitchen appliances isn’t the only thing that matters. Especially for a small kitchen, it can create complication.

To make the best look of your kitchen, it is best to use only smart size kitchen appliances. It allows you to fit in all the appliances you need without sacrificing spaces you use for storage. A small oven, a small dishwasher, and more will make a great addition in a small kitchen.

Small kitchen appliances gadgets

5. No Heavy Handles

You may think it isn’t connected to saving kitchen spaces but it is. First, heavy handles may catch your clothes if your space is tight and this isn’t the smooth kitchen you imagine. Second, a small kitchen will need streamlined look to create bigger space impression.

The solution is you can prefer to slim pulls which design follows your cabinet lines. In addition to it, you can also choose one with inset troughs. You can grip it to open and close the cabinet. Choose one and see how it works out for you.

Cabinet handles kitchen stainless steel

6. Surprising Shelving

A small kitchen can always use additional storage space. It keeps things tidy. However, you can also opt to make it nice to look at as well. For this, you should consider adding savvy shelving. Building modular shelve on top of your countertop is maybe beyond your imagination but it works.

Build something that can be accessed from both side and that allows a lot of light to come through. You can keep your mugs, cups, more decoration items, and maybe some spices. While it looks good and decorative, it gives you extra storage space in an instant.

Kitchen shelves decor ideas small spaces

7. Alternative Sink

A small kitchen can use every possible space for additional storage or working surface. You can add some more by reconsidering your sink choice. Instead of using the usual one, you can choose single sink which is a lot space saving option.

In alternative to it, you can also consider using the undermount sink instead. It doesn’t use your countertop so you can use it for draining surface instead. It means you don’t need more space for draining.

Single sink kitchen small ideas

8. Positioning Comes First

When it comes to a small kitchen layout, you need to prioritize the position. Let’s say your kitchen is in U shape in a small room, make sure you can maximize the U shape. Put the kitchen appliances and work with the remaining spaces ultimately.

Adjust the details to make sure the shape is well maintained. Choose for slimmer cabinets, smart size drawers, and additional custom built pullout drawers or pantry on awkward corners. As long as you get the position first, the rests are possible to adjust.

U shaped small kitchen with island

9. Small Breakfast is Your Best friend

Don’t worry. Your kitchen is maybe small, but you can always shoehorse in breakfast area. If it is possible for you to sacrifice some of your storage, you can consider replacing them with a breakfast bar. It fits right in so your kitchen is complete.

The addition advantage of this breakfast bar is you can always use them as additional cooking surface. Whenever you need it, it is available. Choose the right size of the breakfast bar and prefer for the small one.

Small breakfast nook space saving kitchens

10. Drawers, Drawers, Drawers

Instead of using a lot of cabinet doors, you should consider modifying your storage with a lot of drawers. Drawers are highly suggested for a small kitchen. Cupboards require you to take some time to fit your kitchen utensils into the bulging space. In addition to it, you will still have remaining space in it which is a waste.

Meanwhile, drawers allow you to fit in more things. It is easy to access and find things, and gives you more organized, easily filled storage.

Costumize Drawers small space kitchen ideas

So, there are many things you can do to make the most of your small kitchen. See your space and apply all that fits you.

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