When you have only a small kitchen, with very restricted room for closets, saving your pots and frying pans can be truly tough. It can felt like a Tetris game as well as, without proper option, you will certainly lose this video game. Hanging them is clever as well as it can be on numerous ways like these ones:

1. Near to the Counter

There is constantly a vacant wall surface near the counter on the corner. Rather than leaving it this way, you ought to take into consideration affixing 2 or three layers of hanging racks on the wall.

It permits you to hang your pots as well as frying pans neatly while it will be simple also to get them. If you have nice looking creation, it can be a décor too.

2. Right Over the Counter

This is also among the best places to hang them. It will be simple as well as fast to hang after cleaning them, and it will certainly fast to obtain them when you require it.

There are numerous options for this shelf, and several actually give several hooks on it. Ensure to hang them when they are dry to prevent puddle under the rack.

3. Over the Cooking area Island

Most of the time, the wall over the counter is filled with closets, as well as it permits you no room for hanging. It makes the over the island a wonderful place.

It permits you to hang them easily with easy accessibility to obtain them also. It can be a little bit greater so it doesn’& rsquo; t stand in the means, and it in fact makes the kitchen livelier.

4. Wall Installed Rack

There are numerous shelfs like this today, as well as it is a functional way to keep your primarily used tools. To hang your pots and also frying pans, you can place this rack a little greater.

It permits you to hang a few of ones you require most daily while it keeps the cooking area cool. It offers you more space on the counter as well as it looks great as well.

5. The Pegboard Rack

Pegboard is a prominent item when it concerns company. You can include a hook and also rearrange the hook anywhere you need it.


It allows you to load a vacant wall behind the door or anywhere, as well as this time, you can fill up the entire wall. You can hang also many more pots and pants currently.

6. Over the Sink

Over the sink is likewise the most rational area to hang your pot and also frying pans. It enables you to right away keep them when you are done washing.

The water drips will certainly drop into the sink, as well as it won’& rsquo; t disturb the kitchen area traffic there. While it is easy to get them too, it really allows you to have more surface area on the counter.

7. In Front of the Home Window Rack

Strangely, this is an incredibly popular suggestion. Many people like to hang their extra pots and pans before the window for both company and design.

You will need ceiling mounted rack for this as well as include several hooks to help you hanging. For best look, hang pots and frying pans with resemblances in detail.

8. Chalkboard Closet

This open cabinet is really a great suggestion as well. An uncomfortable and vacant wall can be enriched with shelves similar to this. It enables you to keep cooking area utensils under and also your pots as well as frying pans over.

The blackboard background makes it a stylish looking cupboard. Add a number of hooks here and there as well as you can hang more and more on it, leaving your cooking area neat as well as innovative.

9. Unique Ceiling Shelf

This ceiling mounted rack isn’& rsquo; t just in one line customarily. Rather, it has a number of turns that make it various than others. It gets more than enough hooks also for your pots as well as pans.

The line form really assists a lot. While giving more than enough hanging places, it really ensures it isn’& rsquo; t too crowded on that particular area alone.

10. Medieval Appearance

This hanging rack has the medieval design you will certainly like to have in the kitchen. It has small chains t hang the shelf to the ceiling and it is ended up in steel black.


It is ideal positioned over the island as seen in photo and also it in fact helps in releasing some of your counter surface. Along with it, it provides your kitchen area an antique look in a split second.

11. Concealed in the Pantry

Concealing the pots and also frying pans in the cupboard is additionally an excellent suggestion. You don’& rsquo; t require them all each day, but it enables you to grab them fast when the need comes.

Hang on one of the walls, high enough to avoid web traffic trouble. It permits you to keep them neat and concealed as well as clearly seen at the same time.

12. Along the Side of the Cooking area

This suggestion is really relevant if you have just one more side of the kitchen. While the other wall surfaces are loaded with kitchen area closets, you can install a horizontal rack on one side of the room.

It enables you to have a distinct design for the cooking area while you can hang more pots as well as pants in the cooking area nicely.

13. Rotating Rack

While square, horizontal, and also other shapes of rack is very typical, this one is actually very distinct. A revolving rack allows you to rotate it while looking for the ideal frying pan and hang it.

You can actually hang it in the middle of the kitchen. If it is placed high sufficient, it shouldn’& rsquo; t block any type of traffic in the kitchen area and also it will certainly make a nice looking design in the space.

14. Hanging Rod

Hanging your pots and also frying pans up and down can be a rare idea however it is extremely feasible, especially whne you run out space in any way. You only need a tiny corner to do this.

Hang a lengthy rod or chain on the corner right from the ceiling as well as add hooks occasionally. Hang your pots and pans on the hooks and also you will certainly enjoy the very easy gain access to.

15. Over the Range

We rarely put a great deal of things over the oven because of several factors, yet it can be an optimal spot for your pots and also pans. Hang them there on the right as well as left just over the stove.


While it aids you order them quick when you need to, it really makes a focal point of the room especially when you have beautiful brass packs to flaunt.

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