Amazing 10 Food Pantry Ideas For Small Kitchens

It is always a challenge to have so much of food supply in the house but we have only a small kitchen. Getting a decent pantry can be real tough. If you share the same situation, the following food pantry ideas for small kitchens may help you. These food pantries are efficient and fun that you will forget your problem with it before.

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1. Small Kitchen Cabinet Pantry

If your kitchen is real small and you don’t have any more room for a pantry, transforming one of your kitchen cabinets can solve the problem. Choose one cabinet that is enough to modify and create rooms and shelves inside.

Use the drawers, the shelves, and don’t forget to use the back of the door too. With a little help of organizers, your cabinet can be a roomy food pantry as well. It will be easy and fast to access everything, and you can store more than you can imagine from now on.

Small Kitchen Cabinet Pantry
Small food pantry ideas

2. Slide Out Food Pantry

This idea actually caters the possibility to have a tall pantry that is built from the floor to the ceiling without using any room in your kitchen. You can actually custom built your pantry into your kitchen wall. It will be deep enough so storage space will be plenty.

It can be a narrow one but make sure to complete it with shelves and organizers so your supply is appropriately stored. While it solves your pantry problem, it doesn’t take any kitchen space so you basically are free of that issue now.

Slide Out Food Pantry
Small food cabinet storage

3. Coat Closet Kitchen Pantry Space-saving Ideas

You can either transform a real coat closet, or you can build a similar one. This kind of closet is not deep but it is usually wide enough so it provides enough storage space. You can build this kind of pantry in one of your kitchen vacant walls.

With enough shelves and containers like baskets and more, it will be a big enough pantry for the entire supply. Make sure that you use practical and space saving doors so it doesn’t take any more of the available space in your small kitchen.

Coat Closet Kitchen Pantry Space-saving Ideas
Food storage ideas for small spaces. Image:

4. Tall Food Pantry Ideas for Small Kitchens

The most important thing about a small kitchen is that you can’t waste any space. In the case that you have a small space for pantry, you should consider building it tall from the floor to the ceiling. This will provide more than enough space for the entire of your food supply, and your small appliances.

Build it based on your need, including the size and the organizers. Add open drawers for fast access, counter surface for your small appliances, shelves for the spices and more, and top shelves for rarely used table wares.   

Tall Food Pantry Ideas for Small Kitchens
Food storage for small kitchen

5. Compact Pantry Ideas for Kitchens

Nothing is better than everything compact in a small kitchen including your food pantry. A compact pantry is meant to minimal in size but efficient in storage space. This pantry can be anywhere, even in the most forgotten space like beneath the oven cabinet.

Add tiers of sliding out drawers and maybe cubes inside the cabinet, and organize your supply in it. It can be small as your kitchen, but you will be surprised at how much supplies it can store. Plus, it doesn’t take any space from your kitchen at all.

Compact Pantry Ideas for Kitchens

6. Locker Food Pantry Ideas for Small Kitchens

Locker is actually a great addition especially when it is an eclectic one. The metal case makes sure it is strong and durable enough while it actually offers a lot of storage space. You still can enrich it with organizers for even better storing system.

Wooden shelves will help you organize better and add style in it. The best part of this pantry is that it is easy and affordable enough to add. You can also attach your spice magnet rack on it for even more space saving idea.

Locker food pantry ideas for small kitchens

7. Floating Food Pantry Ideas for Small Kitchens

If you don’t have the space to build your pantry, don’t bother to do so. You can always add floating shelves on your kitchen wall. It will be best to create the pantry based on what you store and how much.

It will be nice for your kitchen because you can display your food and they will be ready to use just anytime. Plus, the idea of storing your food supply in the kitchen with clear container will be a lot of fun as it adds accent and décor in the kitchen.

Floating Food Pantry Ideas for Small Kitchens
Food storage ideas for small kitchen

8. Under the Stair Food Pantry Ideas

If your kitchen is located near enough to the stairs, you should consider using the space below for pantry. While it is an unusual space for a food pantry, it offers big enough space for storage. You can add shelves and drawers, so your supply will be more organized.

In the case that your kitchen isn’t near enough, you can always keep a wheeled cart for transporting the goods you need at the time. Now you can use all the space in the kitchen and have a full pantry at the same time. 

Under the Stair Food Pantry Ideas
Small food storage cabinet pantry under stair

9. Corner Pantry Ideas for Small Kitchens

Don’t waste the far corner of your kitchen cabinet. There is enough space in there for a pantry that you consider hard to reach, can’t be used, and inaccessible. The solution is simple. Install lazy sally on each of the shelves.

This will give you access to everything to the very corner. Your food supply will be well stored and close enough from your cooking area, and there is no more space is wasted as it comes as luxury in your small kitchen. You will be surprised at how much you can store in there.

Corner Pantry Ideas for Small Kitchens with rotating shelves

10. Swing Out Pantry

This kitchen pantry is a decent type for a small kitchen. While it uses the usual kitchen cabinet, the shelves are actually pretty special. When you open the doors, each door is completed with shelves for storage.

On the inside, you will find even more shelves that swing out of there where it hides one more tier of shelves too. It maximizes space usage and it makes accessibility super comfortable and easy. Above all, it doesn’t need a large space to build.

Swing Out Pantry

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