How to Add Extra Kitchen Cupboard Shelves with Less Hustle

Kitchen cupboard often has roomy and spacious shelves, and we just can’t use it efficiently due to several reasons like the shape of the stored items, risk on accessibility, and other possible reasons. But the wasted space though. If you look for ways to solve this, this is how you handle it.

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1. Try Using Extendable Riser

A riser will be a powerful help when you want to add an extra layer of shelf in your existing cupboard shelves. It helps you to a kind of stacking items without actually stacking them. You can store plates on different shapes and sizes with this by adding a layer in the middle of the shelf.

While it reduces your risk to let the items fall, it also helps in using the available upper space without a hustle. Simply insert a riser in one of your shelves, and store items on top of it.

Extendable riser

2. Add Under Shelf Baskets with Hooks

Where there is a riser, there should be under shelf too. This item serves similar function that is adding extra shelves inside your kitchen cupboard. It basically hooks on your shelf and it creates and additional shelf or drawer under that.

It helps in using the upper space more efficiently. For even an extra function, you should consider buying one with hooks. These hooks can be used to hang your cups or other awkwardly shaped items to store in your cupboard. Your cupboard will be full but accessibility is flawless here.   

3. Insert Horizontal Shelf Divider

You can have one or two extra shelves inside your kitchen cupboard literally. A divider should be able to help you with it. It is basically inserted in between shelves to create one more. It is helpful especially when you have extra upper space.

You can create many new shelves when you try to store your baking stuffs, like the baking sheets or pans, casserole pans, and other items with similar shape. It is often impossible to stack them all, so providing a shelf for each category will be efficient.

Horizontal shelf divider

4. Custom Order Additional Shelves on Top

This idea is basically a solution when it is impossible for you to insert or add anything in your kitchen cupboard shelves. You need some more space so create some. You can custom order an extended cabinet, with door or open one, and complete it with several shelves.

Then, add this new feature on your kitchen cupboard top. Now you have a whole new cabinet that offers more storage space. If you still want to use the cupboard top, you may consider an open shelves cabinet instead one with doors.

Additional shelves on top

5. Get Some Drawers

Of course, every kitchen cupboard deserves to have some drawers in it. There are several items that will be best stored in drawers for space usage efficiency and best accessibility reasons. Therefore, if you have a large shelf in your cupboard, transform it into several layers of drawers.

You can customize the depth and height of each layer, and it will be wisest to adjust this sizing with items you are going to store in there later. It doesn’t only allow you to store more items in the same space, but it is way more organized and accessible now.

Extra kitchen cupboard shelves with drawers

6. You Need Roller Holder

A roller holder looks really simple, but it actually helps a lot. Supplies that come in rolls are commonly pretty challenging to store. Even if you get to store it nicely, accessibility will be tampered. So far, this holder solves everything.

You can add several of these holders under the shelves and put the supplies there, your paper towel, plastic wrap, foil, and others. Now, getting each of these items will be super easy and the storing system is neat and awesome. This extra shelf is actually a must. 

Roller holder

7. Stackable Wire Basket Adds the Layers

Wire basket is a popular container in a pantry, and it can be a useful help in your kitchen cupboard. Most wire baskets today are designed to be stackable. It means you can have multi layers of this basket inside one shelf. This is good news!

You can have several baskets at once in one shelf and stack them. It allows you to have an extra layer of shelf where you can store and organized more items. You get to be more efficient while these baskets give you no obstruction finding the items.

Stackable Wire Basket

8. Cutting Board Holder Makes a Brilliant Extra

Cutting board is often a challenging item to store. We can put it on the base shelf, but taking it out will be even harder then. We can insert it anywhere vertically, but it can fall anytime. This is when adding a cutting board holder helps. It helps you to store it efficiently while accessibility is easy too.

It is a popular item to add under an upper cabinet, but you can always use this in your tall shelf. It helps you maximize your space usage by using the upper space efficiently.

Cutting Board Holder

9. Vertical Shelves, Horizontal Shelves, and Drawers are a Magical Team

This kitchen cupboard originally has only usual shelves that can be too tall to stack items. Instead of keep on wasting the upper space, the owner decided to enhanced the shelves. The top one is divided into several vertical shelves for the cutting board, baking pans, and the kind.

The middle shelves are kept as they were and they store several cooking utensils like pots and pans, probably some plates and cups too later. The lower shelves are transformed into drawers for better use and function. 

More kitchen storage

10. Cute Tier Helps a Bunch

If you happen to have a shelf where you store small bottles and jars, like your spices or medicines, and this shelf seems a little taller for them, you need to add tiers. These tiers allow you to gain two more benefits.

First, you get the visibility. You can clearly see what and where. Second, you get the accessibility, in which taking out one doesn’t need to be a hustle. It is less efficient than the other extra layers, but it is best for small items like this.

Short kitchen storage cabinet

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