Organizing your kitchen can cost you a fortune, especially because you need lots of money to buy the storage for your kitchen utensils. Not only quite pricey, but it will also take a long time to finish organizing the whole thing in your kitchen.

You can still save your money with these ideas. You don’t need to buy all of the things here, but still, you will need to make a little effort to revamp your old things to save more space in your kitchen. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a professional to do the following things, and you can have a tidy kitchen in a minute.


1. Organizing Kitchen Drawers

The first thing you need to learn is to organize the kitchen drawers. There are lots of kitchen utensils that might pile up in the drawers. It is fine to pile them up, but it will be hard if you want to cook a meal for your loved ones.

Plus, it will be quite embarrassing to have a messy drawer when important guests visit you. It can be quite hard to organize the things inside the drawers, but here are some things you can make to make your job easier.

1.1. Use Multi-Purpose Bins to Save the Ingredients

There might be many ingredients you have because you like cooking, but it can be hard to store them all in the drawer. If you are not careful enough, one ingredient can ruin the others. That’s why creating a different place for each ingredient is important.

But wait, you don’t need to buy a new drawer to store the ingredients. All you need to do is to buy some multi-purpose bins that will fit your drawer. Arrange them so that you have different sections for each ingredient.

If you don’t want to buy the bins, you can be thrifty by making your own multi-purpose bins. You can cut some old boxes and use them to store the ingredients. But, the boxes won’t last long, especially when you use them to store vegetables, such as tomatoes or potatoes.

It is okay if you use them to store dry ingredients, but if you store the vegetables, you need to make sure that the container can make them last longer. You can also recycle your old milk jars and transform them into containers that will be great to store the vegetables.

1.2. Use Wooden Drawer Divider or Mason Jars to Organize Cutleries

The next problem you might have is countless cutleries that lie around the drawer. It can be annoying when you need to find a small spoon or a fork to enjoy your favorite cake. But, you can still find the cutleries easily when you use a wooden drawer divider to store them. Some stores sell it for around $20, and it has some sections you can use to save each cutlery.

But, you can always make it yourself if you like to make simple DIY and save some money. All you need to do is some wood planks and nails. Arrange the woods based on your needs and secure them with the nails.

But, if you don’t have more space on the drawer, you can always reuse your old mason jars to store the kitchen utensils. You can use them as they are, or you can also paint each mason jar with different colors and attach some labels. Don’t forget to arrange the jars well so that they won’t take up space in the kitchen.

1.3. Use CD Racks to Organize Containers and Lids

Having lots of containers can be a blessing because you can have lots of storage to save your snacks or foods. But, they are quite hard to store because they can take up lots of spaces in the kitchen. You cannot just stack them in the corner of the counter because they can collect dust, and it will be such a hassle if you store them in the drawers.

It is very easy to store the containers in the drawer. All you need to do is to use your old CD racks to organize the lids. For the containers, you need to stack them according to the size and put them beside the lids. By doing so, you can easily choose the container you want, as well as the right lid it goes with.


2. Organizing Fridge

A fridge is an oasis for your life. It can save the vegetables, fruits, drinks, or even your beauty products. But, it is hard to organize the fridge because of the limited spaces it has. Worry not, you can always tackle this problem if you install some fridge storage on it.

You don’t need to revamp the fridge completely because you need to attach it to the kitchen cabinets to start storing the necessities. You can store anything on them, especially fruits, because they will keep the fruits cool, but it will protect them from other ingredients in the fridge or water.

For other ingredients, you can use your air-tights containers to store each ingredient. It is very important to use the air-tight one because it will keep the ingredients fresh, and at the same time, it will protect them from strong smells of the other ingredients. Or, you can also use lazy Susan to store the jars. It will come in handy because you need to turn the lazy Susan to get the jars.


3. Organizing Jars and Spices

Another problem you might have is to organize the jars and spices you have in your kitchen. It will be very hard to stack them because you will move each of them constantly only to get the spices you want. But, you can always use the inside cabinet doors to store the jars and spices.

To do this, you need to install the handle which you can buy in the stores. If you cannot find one, you can always use your child’s magnetic toys to attach the spices to the cabinets. Just glue the magnets each on the lid and the cabinet, and you will have the perfect storage for the spices.


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