Detached Garage Design Ideas for Small House You Must Try

One of the issues for the owners of small house is creating the best design for the rooms they need in their house building. One of the most essential rooms in a house is a garage. Small houses too need a garage. Here are some ideas of detached garage that can be best choices for small house owners.It is a little planning that can help homeowners to make the detached garage well-integrated landscape piece instead of like an afterthought. This landscape planning comes with a classic structure.DETACHED GARAGE DESIGN IDEAS FOR SMALL HOUSE

1. Detail Worthy Detached Garage

There are actually lots of garage design ideas for small house. To begin with, here is the first garage idea for small house called detail worthy detached garage. This kind of garage may not have living space, the house-like details could add desirable design beauty.One of the components of the design that is essential is a window in a half-circle form. This window is placed at the roof line of the garage and functions as way to natural light to come inside. There is also mini portico that is located over the garage’s side door.There is an additional element for the garage design which is an accent flower bed that is made in a narrow length. This flower bed functions as the side profile of the structure.
Detail Worthy Detached Garage Design Ideas

2. Refined and Rustic Detached Garage

Garage design ideas that have been a new trend as a way to upgrade modern-day garage is occupying the features and the touch of traditional style. This is what refined and rustic detached garage is all about.One of the elements of the garage design is the pretty wood door that is constructed to resemble the closures on a horse stable or a barn. The wood door is actually roll-up entry that is made contemporary. Besides, there are also rich shake shingles that are placed at a certain angle located at the garage’s upper half.Furthermore, there is also a window cupola that is made in a pop-up style. The window ties the structure of the garage to home.
Refined and Rustic Detached Garage Design Ideas

3. Detached Garage with a Landscape Planning

Don’t worry about the size of the house and the size of the garage. This detached garage design can still make the small space awesome to be a garage. What is needed is a landscape planning.The structure and the elements feel in step with the landscape elements and outdoor hardscape collection, including an additional planting bed and a paved living space outdoor. The planting bed is able to make pretty greenery that can soften the garage entryway.Meanwhile, there are also brick insets that can define the garage borders and also provide visual variety in the driver’s lead up to that garage.
Detached Garage with a Landscape Planning

4. Detached Garage with Traditional Upgrade

Coming up next is this detached garage design idea that comes with a traditional upgrade. Details added into a detached garage surely make differences. Some of those differences may end up being blah elements, while some others are in architectural elements that can be standout in the landscape.This garage design can be occupied in a story-and-a-half space. In such space, the garage design benefits from the traditional extras, namely light fixtures, shutters, and also the double garage doors that is open and is constructed at the center.
Detached Garage with Traditional Upgrade Design Ideas

5. Detached Garage + A Driveway

Home owners may have chosen the elements for their garage design. However, they may add some more extras. If you too want to add extras to the design of your detached garage, you can occupy sweet window box and miniature shake shingles.Such additional elements can elevate the detached garage’s style. What is more, add some more extras to insert more aesthetic lessons. What can be added are detail of brick garage and drive-away. These last two extras can perfectly complement each other in the patterning and also in the color.
Detached Garage + A Driveway Design Ideas

6. Detached Garage with Garden Oasis

The next garage design idea for small house is this detached garden with garden oasis. This detached garden is tucked at the long drive’s end. This garage design involves a couple of key elements to help the garage mingles with the cottage garden that is too charming to be left behind.Meanwhile, the door of the garage has cross hatching that infuses a pretty visual element. Then there is also a continuous window box that is installed over the doors of the garage. That window box can offer a connection between the structure of the garage and the planted landscape.
Detached Garage with Garden Oasis Design Ideas

7. Detached Garage with Cape Cod Inspiration

The space for the car entry of a garage should not be obstructed. Yet, the door of a garage can be a great are to add welcoming details. If homeowners want to add decorate the garage doors, they can still make most of the seaside-focused space.What home owners can do is adding a pergola adjacent to their garage door. Such door can offer a landing spot for those heading up to the space on the 2nd floor and also provide them with a flowering vines spot.
Detached Garage with Cape Cod Inspiration

8. Detached Garage Gateway

Here comes another pretty garage design idea. This idea comes with a lot of inspiring ideas for homeowners to refashion their own detached garage. To begin with, homeowners need to get a narrow pergola that extends off the garage face.Such pergola can offer structural and shade interest. When a car is parked in the garage, the pavers that are inset around the concrete’s larger sections can create a relaxing nook for seating. Meanwhile, there are also window boxes that can insert a flower friendly touch to that space.


Home owners can also add more extras to their garage such as light fixtures in cottage style. They can also add detailed garage doors to give the garage a pulled together aesthetic.Small house also deserves the best garden idea. Choose one from the design ideas of detached garage above and start to construct your own. Add more customization so that the design of the garage can really suit preferred style and functions.

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