You Need This Counter Height Small Kitchen Table to Spice Up the Space

A small kitchen can’t waste any space. But if you need one more thing that can actually function multiple duties, you may want to add one kitchen table, possibly in counter height. It can be your extra counter top, breakfast bar, and even more. Check out the following counter height small kitchen table for some ideas:

1. Rustic Pub Counter Height Kitchen Table

While it is impossible to add the table in the middle of the kitchen, you can always add this rustic pub table on one of your vacant walls. It is narrow enough so it makes sure you can still maneuver in the kitchen in free.

Pair with a couple of bar stools, and you get a decent place for breakfast or to entertain some friends. Its steel legs will be strong enough even for heavy cooking duty while its wooden top only makes it a fine piece with style to add in the kitchen. 

Small counter height kitchen table sets
Small counter height kitchen table sets

2. Board and Tube Kitchen Dining Table

The best thing about this counter height table is on the material. The structures and legs are made of scaffold tube which is strong enough while it is available in its original hue and silver. As for the top, you will love this scaffold timber that looks just fantastic on its original color.

To make it safe and smooth, it is finished only with Dutch oil so it doesn’t ruin its natural appeal and elevate your décor with industrial touch and rustic styling at the same time. It’s a real bomb! 

Small counter height kitchen table and chairs
Small counter height kitchen table and chairs,

3. Grey Island Counter Height Small Kitchen Table

Adding this table in the middle of your kitchen will be a great idea. First, it is space efficient, and it has just the right counter height for all possible duties in the room. The top is finished in soft grey for melancholic touch in these rustic wooden legs.

You only need to add a couple of stools to make it your breakfast bar, and you only need to tuck them in as soon as you are cooking. And for more, it has just the stylish look it gives your kitchen a fresh point to admire.

Bar height small kitchen table
Small high top dining table

4. Counter Height Coastal Chic Table for Small Kitchen

Nothing can be complained from this wonderful looking table. Its shape and dimension allows some more space in your small kitchen even if you place it right in the center of the room. It is made of acacia wood finished with washed grey veneer which is a fabulous idea.


While it looks and functions great, its side shelving makes sure that you use the most of the space, so your kitchen is totally free of clutter. It fits great in a bright kitchen and it should be a great addition in the end. 

Counter height table coastal chic for small space
Tall kitchen tables for small spaces

5. The Odium Counter Height Small Kitchen Space

Now come on, you can’t not fall to this set of kitchen table. The plank looking top gives you just the rustic delight, making it an elegant addition to your small industrial kitchen. The legs are the ones adding the thick styling thanks to its powder coat in bronze tone for the metal.

It is space effective and you can always tuck in your swivel stools under the table for some more room in your kitchen. You can even push it on to your nearby wall and it will still look stunning. 

The odium counter height small kitchen table
Small bar height kitchen table

6. Farmhouse Modern Counter Height Bar Table

This counter height table looks fabulous in the modern kitchen from being as it is. The design is actually very common in farmhouse houses, giving your modern space a touch of traditional and homey melancholy. This table is finished in grey shade but it still shows its natural crack.

Don’t hesitate to pair with a couple of modern stools in consistent dark color. Being space efficient, it won’t eat so much of your room while it actually improves the entire décor of your kitchen. It makes a perfect breakfast bar and extra cooking top.

small bar height kitchen table
Small bar height kitchen table

7. Pub Kitchen Counter Height Kitchen Dining Table

This kitchen table has the counter height so it makes a fun place for breakfast and even dining. The best thing about the table lies on its small size. It doesn’t take much of your small kitchen space, and you can tuck in the stools under for even more room.

Copy this style for even more airy kitchen and stylish look at the same time. Bright finish like white and other soft colors is a must, and you need to add shelving and drawers in the table if possible. Make sure your stools can be tucked in and you are saved.

Small white counter height table

8. Counter Height Small Kitchen Table Distressed with Wheels

Everyone will love this kitchen table. It is space efficient while it actually offers more storage options too with those shelving under the top. Its white top is as high as the kitchen counter and it is supported by distressed wooden cart, which looks really charming.

The addition of wheels here makes the table even more desired. It makes it flexible as moving it to other spot will be a piece of cake. It means making even more room in your small kitchen will happen instantly while it adds a sense of style in your space. 

Narrow counter height table with storage and wheels
Narrow counter height table with storage and wheels

9. The Dertyped Counter Height Table Chair Set

Maybe, your kitchen is a mini one and space comes as premium in yours. In such case and situation, this set can be the right answer for you. It is attached to the wall with one side is supported by metal leg, and the other is wooden as the top.

It is thin and slim, making it space efficient for even a mini kitchen. It fits up to two bar stools for breakfast bar, and it can be an extra cooking top when you need it. The industrial look makes a fitting look for a modern kitchen, so there is nothing to complain about it. 

Small space kitchen table counter height design ideas

10. Timelessly Modern Counter Height Small Kitchen Table with Storage

Or maybe, you want something like this. This kitchen table relies on its simplicity for an appeal. But honestly, it is gorgeous. Its metal material gives the desired strength for heavy cooking duty and its clean design gives a small kitchen an airy feeling, which is important.

While it can be your breakfast bar, the table actually offers addition storage options too underneath, giving you the chance to have a small yet effective kitchen for day to day duties. Its dark finish gives your kitchen a bold touch, so your space will be a stylish one too.

Small counter height dining table with storage
Small counter height dining table with storage

That’s the counter height small kitchen table design idea. Do you have anything else interesting? Are counter height tables good for small spaces? Please discuss in the comments column if you wish.

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