Brilliant Tips to Make a Small Kitchen Appears Bigger

Some homeowners need to accept the fact that they could only have tiny kitchen in their home. Such homeowners then think that they’re not privileged but they have nothing to do to enlarge the limited space. If you’re one of them, don’t worry! There are some brilliant tips that can make your small kitchen appears bigger! Here they are:

1. Use Light Colors

The very first tip to make your tiny kitchen appear bigger is to use white as the paint color of your walls. White can make the room brighter and lighter. Furthermore, white can manipulate the look of the room to be more airy and more spacious than what it is.

However, if you do not like seeing white on the walls, you can choose any pastel colors instead. Pastel colors are also light that can serve the same function as white color does. You can also use combination of colors in the room just in case you don’t like monotonous colors on the wall of your kitchen.

2. Let the Natural Light In

Another brilliant tip to manipulate the size of your tiny kitchen is by finding the right way of letting light in to the room. You need to let as much as light as possible to the kitchen. Moreover, it will be way better if the lighting is the natural one. It will be the best.

Some ways can be done to give your kitchen more light. You can install roof lights, more windows, or simply artificial lighting such as spotlights, lamps, and or daylight bulbs. If you currently already have small window and then regret for having limited natural light for your kitchen, you can bounce that light around the room using glass cabinet, mirrors, or glass framed pictures.

U Shaped Small kitchen italian and france decor light color and natural light in


3. Go with Shinny Surfaces

If you think you don’t have time to install more windows or artificial lighting and to paint the kitchen walls in white, you can work with the surface finishes in our kitchen. Make sure that those surface finishes are shiny. Such surface can reflect light and thus distribute the light all around the kitchen.

As the result, the kitchen or the room will feel way larger than it actually is.  In this case, you need to go with shiny splash backs, shelving and cupboard doors with high gloss, and counter tops. You don’t need to occupy all those pieces of furniture. Simply choose one or two and place it in the right spot in your kitchen.

How to make small kitchen appears bigger. Use shinny kitchen backsplash

4. Find the Right Flooring

The right flooring also matters in making your tiny kitchen look bigger. When you are choosing the flooring for your kitchen, either patterned or wood, you need to make sure that the flooring is laid in length-ways down your kitchen.

Such fashion can draw the eye and thus elongate the space in the kitchen. On the contrary, if you lay the flooring sideways, eyes will naturally be drawn sideways and as the result the room will feel way smaller and shorter.

Shiny surface and flooring plan for small kitchen


5. Get the Right Tone

When you are in the process of selecting the right paint, both for fitted and flooring kitchen, make sure that you keep every pain in the same color family or tone. If you are privileged to have large kitchens, you can always go with bright and bold contrasting colors. Such color tones will work best for the large space of your kitchen.

Meanwhile, if you only have tiny space for your kitchen, you have to go with subtle tone. Such color family will make most of the tiny space and make your kitchen look larger than it actually is.

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6. Go with Modern and Sleek Appliances

Now that you have known what kind flooring, paint color, and lighting technique for your small kitchen, it is also advisable for you to know what kind of kitchen appliances work best for your tiny kitchen. The answer for this is modern and sleek appliances. Such kitchen appliances can make the tiny room less clunky.

However, that’s not the sole important thing here. You also need to consider the size too. If you think you do not really need American sized fridge or a double-dishwasher, don’t buy them. Buy the smaller sized fridges instead.

Smaller fridge doesn’t mean less interesting appliance. Small-sized fridge can even make your kitchen more elegant instead. Moreover, such fridges can provide sleek sense of style for your kitchen without becoming over powering.

Modern and Sleek Appliances for small kitchen


7. Opt for Shallow Cabinets

Another great tip to make small kitchen looks bigger is by opting for shallow cabinets. This is a great trick for having a great kitchen that is usually used by designers. By choosing such cabinets, you will still get the key part of your kitchen that is essential for the look without even compromising on the limited space.

Such cabinets will even look better if you could find a special trick to install lighting underneath your top cabinets and also above kick board. Such installation can bring you and your kitchen more light.

8. Be Smart with the Space

Last but not least, you need to be smart in making most of the available space in your small kitchen. You may have heard a saying: a place for everything and everything in its place. That saying tells us that storage is very essential for the living of small kitchen.

If you are able to create particular dedicated space for activities and items, you will be able to turn the space to be way bigger. Also, by doing so, you will be able to utilize the available space, no matter how small, better.

It is all not about how big the space in your kitchen is. It is about how you can get the most of the tiny space by employing creative ideas.

Don’t be sad for having small kitchen. You’ve got plenty ideas on how to make your tiny kitchen appear bigger and more spacious. Choose the trick that is more convenient for you. If painting the wall is too time-consuming, opt for the buying cabinets and so far and so forth.

Make Small Kitchen Look Bigger Tips

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