Brilliant Small Kitchen Nook Ideas You Must Try

A nook in your kitchen is a perfect place to enjoy your breakfast and also to embark a new day. A nook is a tiny intimate place that can offer you with cozy environment while you are sipping your coffee and chewing tasty croissant before leaving for work. That’s why, finding the right ideas of kitchen nook are important! Pst! The ideas below are for small kitchen!

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1. Window Treatments

This idea of kitchen nook is a great choice if you have free space near your kitchen windows. If the area permits, you need to try installing a table near those windows. Installing that nook table by the window will let you have natural light throughout the day, especially when you are enjoying breakfast in the morning.

If you find the sunlight coming through the windows is a bit bothering, you can protect that area with curtains, vegetation, black-outs, or draperies. You can also use The Roman shades that come in various textiles and prints to turn your kitchen to be more wonderful.

Small kitchen nook ideas window treatments

2. Corner Breakfast Nook

The next idea is having corner breakfast nook. Corner is the most perfect spot for having such type of arrangement. Complete your corner breakfast nook with a curved sofa or a bench that follow the line of the kitchen wall. Meanwhile, the kind of table you may need for the nook is a round table that is placed in the middle. That is all and everything will just be fine.

Corner Breakfast Nook for Small Kitchen with round Table


3. A Cozy and Casual Nook

This nook idea is just another perfect one for a small kitchen. A nook with cozy and casual vibe should be installed next to a window so that you and other family members can take the advantages of the clear windows. What is so great about the clear window then?

Well, such window can provide you with natural beautiful view and also natural sun shine. To make the nook feels even more casual and cozy, purchase or build benches that come with built-in storage. Such bench can turn the nook to be more relaxing while providing additional storage space for your small kitchen.

Cozy breakfast nook small kitchen with storage


4. Colorful Nook

Who says that limited space in your kitchen enables you to have fun? You can try installing this colorful nook to make your kitchen more alive. The kinds of furniture you need are of course the wicker furniture that comes in various colors. Some great choices of colors you can combine for your colorful nook are beige, brown, and white.

While this kind of nook can suit your tiny kitchen, it can also fit well in your dining area or on your terrace. To make the vibe of the nook less monotonous, you can change the cushion of the pillows for the chairs to obtain diverse environment.

Colorful breakfast nook small kitchen ideas

5. Nook in Natural Style

If you don’t really like something colorful and choose to be simple, you can choose this nook idea that comes with natural style. A natural style for a nook means that you choose a simple table from light wood, single chairs, and also a plain white vase to decorate the table.

To make the furniture more versatile for your small kitchen, you can build built-in under storage to the single chairs.

Besides, make white as the dominant color in the area while combining it with olive color and also green color. Such nook can create a special area with a sense of peace. Such nook is a perfect place for you to enjoy your favorite meals while relaxing.

Simple natural style small kitchen nook design ideas

6. A Nook in Japanese Simplicity

Looking for something different for your kitchen nook? Why don’t you try this nook that is built with Japanese simplicity? Less is more, right? A nook with Japanese simplicity really encourages simplicity in the design without making it monotonous.

You can build such nook by using wood tiles and wooden chairs and wooden tables for the nooks. To make the nook and the area even simpler, opt for flowing design for the nook table and chairs. Eliminate all the legs for the nook tables and chairs and let them flow in the air.

For decorating the chairs, choose for a cushion in olive tone without too much textures. Such nook design really offers superb sense of tranquility and peace.

Japanese style nook ideas for small kitchen

7. L-Shaped Nook

This nook idea can suit your tiny kitchen best as it comes with L shape. L-shaped nook means that you make the best of the available space in one of the kitchen corners that is still unoccupied. To get the best design for the nook, you can choose simple and clear design.

Combine such design with retro style such as L-shaped chairs. For providing entertainment to whoever using the nook, install a mounted TV facing the L-shaped chairs. For decorating the table, get a rainbow candy jar.

For getting the best vibes, choose white as the dominant color in the nook area. However, you can choose another subtle color for the wall paint such as soft light blue. You can also insert the soft light blue to the color of the chairs cushion. Add some small decorative items that come in strong colors to give the area of the nook a bit more color and add a vase of flowers there.

L-Shaped Small Kitchen Nook Ideas

8. A Purposeful Nook

Last but not least, here is a purposeful nook. Build a nook that can be both convenient and also purposeful. Such nook can be a great place to sit down and enjoy your bite and also can provide you extra storage. Work with the bench of the nook so that it can have additional storage.

You can even build the additional storage below and above the bench. Build drawers below the bench and also build bookshelf above the nook. Keep your favorite belonging in the drawers, organize your favorite books in the shelves and grab them whenever you are in the nook.

A Purposeful Nook for Small Kitchen

Small kitchen too can have fun! Such kitchen also deserves the best nook design. So, choose the nook design that suits the available area in your kitchen best and also suits your style preference. Enjoy your nook!


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