10 Creative Bin Ideas for Small Kitchen with Accessibility but Hidden!

Bin in the kitchen is often a problematic detail. It is often big so it takes space. We also need to be able to reach it anytime, but keeping it on sight is often felt filthy too. Especially in a small kitchen, it can be a serious problem. If you have the same issue, these bin ideas for small kitchen will get you inspired.

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1. Recycling Center in the Corner

The corner cabinet of your kitchen is often considered as the awkward space. It is rarely used for storage so it might as well be your recycling center. Add a few bins based on the category you have in the kitchen.

You can put them in a kind of lazy susan for a better accessibility every time. In addition to it, please make sure that you can always open the cabinet doors open wide in here. It helps a lot when you are taking out the garbage.

2. Bins under the Sink

This bin ideas for small kitchen is also a good idea to actually place the bins right under the sink. It is often located close to your cooking top, so it will be convenient to reach it while preparing your recipe. In addition to it, this space is never used as supplies storage, so it is a potential spot.

The main benefit of using under the sink space is that it is actually slightly bigger than the rest of the cabinet. You can actually fit two large bins here, or four smaller ones if you need to.

Bins under the sink

3. Slide Out Cabinet under the Extended Cutting Board

An extended cutting board is highly recommended in a small kitchen for being practical and spac saving. The space under that is actually a great spot to store your kitchen bins. Transform the shelf under this board into a slide out storage.

Add bins on the storage, and simply throw your garbage down from your cutting board like that. The other benefit is that it will be super easy to take out the bins. Simply slide in the cutting board, and take out the trash bag from the bin.

Slide Out Cabinet under the Extended Cutting Board

4. Swipe the Bins

It doesn’t have to be under the sink, and it can be just anywhere in your kitchen cabinet. Thanks to the design, you only need to swipe or slide the bins holder and the entire bins will be let out. It still works in a narrow shelf.

It is also possible for you to use multiple bins at once in one shelf, so categorizing your garbage is still highly manageable. You can always opt for smaller bins if you don’t want to cramped your space and make this plan works. This bin ideas for small kitchen is awesome.

Swipe bin under sink

5. Hide It in the Side Cabinet

There is usually this one side cabinet. In a small kitchen, it can be a tiny one with only two shelves is possible to be added. Instead of keeping the four shelves, you can transform two into a bin shelf. This shelf will hide your bin well.

To make sure accessibility is smooth as well, you also need to improvise a little bit with the doors. Pull out door is always appreciated, but a hinged pull out door is way more practical. It gives you the right angle to put in a trash bag, to throw garbage, and to take it out too.

Hidden bin in the side cabinet

6. Garbage Bins in Your Pull Out Drawer

If you have pretty large bins for your kitchen, it will be best to keep it hidden rather than leaving them using your precious small kitchen space. Simply choose one among several shelves of your cabinet, preferably near the cooking top.

Then, transform the shelf into a large and spacious pull out drawer. You can probably put two to three bins on the drawer. Simply pull it out and in to access and hide the bins. This bin ideas for small kitchen is practical and it is super neat.

Garbage bins in the pull out drawer

7. Hide It under Your Kitchen Island

If you have a kitchen island, you can also use this as a place for your kitchen bins. You can simply transform a shelf into a pull out drawer as recommended before. You can also create other holders or organizers for the bins.

Your island is a kind of separated from the rest of the cabinet so it also makes a logical spot for the garbage bins. Plus, it offers accessibility for everyone including when you are ruling the kitchen and cooking.

Hidden bin under kitchen island

8. Bin Ideas for Small Kitchen, Over the Door Bin

Like other organizers in a small kitchen, you can always place them almost anywhere for better space usage. It also includes over the cabinet door. Of course, you can’t use the usual large trash bin over here, but a small one can work too.

Use a suspender or a holder and attach the bin over your cabinet door. It will be a great place, and it will be totally accessible too. Choose a cabinet with no edible supplies for best, and choose a bin with the right size that fits the space measurement.

Over the door bin

9. Small Bin Will Do

If your kitchen is pretty small, it is only logical to use a smaller trash bin too. You will need to take out the garbage more often, but other than that, it should serve you just well. This trash bin can be a great option. It is small, and it has a tight lid to prevent the smell and spill. Really creative bin ideas for small kitchen.

You only need to step on it to open the lid and you can always hide it under your kitchen island, and any other possible location. It is just as practical, and with the right size, it doesn’t have to take a lot of your space.

Small bin ideas for small kitchen

10. Hanging Bins Keep It Clean

This is a new invention and it is pretty convenient if you don’t mind taking out your garbage every short while. It is basically a small bin that can be attached into your cabinet door. People like to place it right under the cooking top to enjoy the practicality.

It comes with a lid, and throwing your kitchen garbage is as simple as slide it off. Once you are done, you can detached it and hide it somewhere.

Hanging bin ideas for small kitchen

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