Best Storage Ideas for Small Kitchen You Must Try

Having small kitchen may get you frustrated because you think you don’t have many options to do in the room. Well, you just get it wrong! Who says small kitchen cannot be awesome? Even for storage, small kitchen can provide you with plenty options. Look at the following ideas:

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1. Hanging Pegboards

To begin with, start to consider using pegboards in your small kitchen. The walls in your kitchen are able to hold lots of things just more than what you can think of. What to hang then? Plenty! Pans, pots, even canisters that can be used to hold kitchen utensils.


Pegboards can be a great idea instead of installing lots of limiting shelves. What is even greater about pegboards is that they can add very flexible kitchen storage space that you can always adjust over time as you change your needs in the kitchen. Aren’t pegboards cool?

Space saver pegboards for small kitchen


2. Occupying the Cabinet Tops

Another great storage idea for your small kitchen is using the cabinet tops. The tops of your kitchen cabinets can offer a prime and real estate for kitchen storage. Way up the cabinet ops, you are able to stash serving platters that are usually used for special occasions and also extra pantry supplies you do not really need frequently.

In other words, you cabinet tops are beneficial for storing appliances, utensil, or tools that you don’t use very often. If you need more reference on occupying the cabinet tops, you could check Elsie as A Beautiful Mess that uses wire bins to store her kitchen supplies without turning the space in the kitchen to be too cluttered.


3. Downsizing the Kitchen Furniture

Coming up next, downsizing your kitchen furniture can also be a great storage idea for your tiny kitchen. You are absolutely able to get smaller breakfast table than it actually is. Kitchen with such furniture means kitchen that features half-moon table instead of the full and the round one.

What is the disadvantage of having a full and round table then? Such table is surely space consuming. It just wastes the precious space in your tiny kitchen. Once you get the half-moon table, grab the straight side and put it against your kitchen wall. That is exactly how the smart use of small kitchen’s space works.

Simple storage under dining table for small kitchen

4. Adding Cubbies around the Entrance of the Kitchen

Another great storage idea for small kitchen includes adding cubbies around the entrance of the kitchen. This storage idea comes from an architect and designer named Lauren Rubin. She adds customized cubbies around the door frame of her kitchen.

Those cubbies are the ideal place for house items such as cookbooks, vases, and many others. The cubbies are so lovely because they can be practical storage. What is more, those cubbies look like museum-like. It is such a nice addition to a small kitchen.

Smart storage ideas Adding Cubbies around the Entrance of the Kitchen


5. Installing a Nesting Table to Kitchen Cabinets

The cabinets in your kitchen can perform more! They can give you storage space more than just what you usually have. If you are a homeowner that is so obsessed with a space-saving solution for your small kitchen, you may refer to the small kitchen design ideas from South Shore Cabinetry.

It is a nesting table in built-in style. Such table is very easy to be tucked away into kitchen cabinets when it is not being used. It is also easy to be pulled out to act as an additional chopping surface whenever needed. Not only this solution is smart, it is also space saving!

Nesting table kitchen cabinet for small space

6. Putting Space above Refrigerator for a Good Use

There is an inspiring kitchen remodeling idea from Bev Weidner, a blogger from Bev Cooks. When she was remodeling a kitchen, she spares a quite some time to make a plan for the custom storage solution. That solution is meant to be applied to the typically unused space over refrigerator.

The design she creates includes room that is intended for open storage. In that storage, homeowners can store many things such as pans, house pots, and sort of things. She also includes dividers to make sure that cutting broads are always in order.


7. Adding Shelving under the Countertop of Kitchen Island

If you happen to have kitchen island in your small kitchen, you can make most of it for having extra storing space for your kitchen. This inspiration comes from the small kitchen design ideas from House & Home from Peninsula. The designer installed little shelf under the kitchen island’s counter top.

It is such a superb idea for adding the small kitchen extra storage. That additional storage space can be used to store small dishes. Besides, if you are a cook that always needs a help from cookbooks of if you always needs a magazine in your kitchen, you can store your favorite cookbooks and magazine on the shelves.

8. Using Kitchen Windows as Storage

Windows in your kitchen are not just windows. They now can serve more function to you as homeowners. Look at how Chicago apartment make most of the presence of windows in their kitchen.

The designer of the apartment who also lives there decides to make a bold decision to use the kitchen window as a place to hang her collection. She makes use of the kitchen window to hang her kitchen utensils collection like pans and pots. She just simply hangs those items in front of the window.

What is even more interesting from this idea is that she has uniform collection and also handles with pop-y orange. That collection then ends up becoming a special and fun focal point for the kitchen as well as being a smart storage too. Don’t you want to try this idea too?


Look at the storage ideas for small kitchen above! Aren’t they creative and applicable to your small kitchen? Having more storage in a small kitchen is just a matter of creativity and attentiveness to see that particular spot to be occupied as an extra storage space. Which ideas from the list above that you want to try? Give us your thought!

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