How To Gain Best Spice Racks For Small Kitchens

It can be a little challenging to store your spices collection when you have only a small kitchen. You need the entire available counter top for other things but storing your spices near you is vital too. To bridge both factors, you may need to choose your best spice racks for small kitchens from one of the recommendations below:

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1. Pull Down Spice Rack Ideas

Are spice racks good? This rack is really a new piece that becomes really popular these days. It offers several tiers in storing mode, making sure you can store more than enough spices jars in it. The rack is made of steel so it is guaranteed to be strong enough for the job.

Whenever needed, you can pull it down and expose your spice jars in a way in which you can take one fast and safely. It is always wise for going vertical in a small kitchen, and it makes this rack a fine choice.

Best way to organize small pantry
Best way to organize small pantry

2. Clear Floating Spice Shelves

Rather than rack, many people may refer this as shelves. Well, both titles deserve this piece. It consists of several tiers of spices rack made of clear acrylic. While it looks modern and light, it actually being clear for reasons like getting the right spice is truly possible.

Besides, you can attach the tiers just above the cooking surface vertically to save some space on the wall. While it is totally within your reach, it is actually off the counter too. It works efficiently while it adds décor in your kitchen too.

Best spice racks for small kitchens

3. Magnetic Spice Rack Wall for Small Kitchen

This piece is really hot right now, and it seems to be featured in almost all modern kitchens today. Liked for good reasons, this spice rack is space saving, practical, and efficient at the same time. You will love how it provides access while being space saving.

There will be jars that can be attached on the magnet sheet and this magnet sheet can be attached on a vacant wall near you, a side of a kitchen cabinet, and even on your fridge door. Can you think of something more practical and stylish than this?

Magnetic Spice Rack Wall for Small Kitchen
Magnetic Spice Rack Wall for Small Kitchen

4. Best Spice Racks for Small Kitchens, Drawer Spice Jar Liner

Your kitchen drawer is one of the safest places to store your spices. To make sure you can store it in a good system where you can take out and store back easily, your drawer will need a liner. It can be wooden like this one, and it can be made of other material too.

It makes sure your spices won’t roll or spill so there is no more mess or search issue anymore. Get a liner that actually caters the need to store your entire spices jars for best.

Drawer Spice Jar Liner

5. Vertical Pull Out Spice Rack Shelves

Instead of taking more spaces, why don’t you make this narrow shelf near your stove and make a practical one. The shelves and tiers will cater your need for storing space, and accessibility will be totally convenient too every time.

While it is narrow and totally spice saving, it is actually deep enough to offer you more than you can imagine. Complete it with wheels or custom build it for smoother system, and your spices will be hidden but still within your reach. Make sure to add multiple small tiers for best storing.

Vertical Pull Out Spice Rack Shelves
Best small kitchen storage ideas.

6. Clear Container Store Spice Rack

Clear container is common for shelves and drawer, but this one will be the best fit for your spices. The clear container has several holders on one tier, and it offers multiple tiers at the same time. It is space saving and it offers accessibility too.

This container can be attached in any vacant wall near you, at the side of a nearby kitchen cabinet, or on the side or door of your fridge. It can be anywhere you find convenient actually for being small. On top of all, it looks very stylish too.

Clear Container Store Spice Rack

7. Best Spice Racks for Small Kitchens Under Cabinet Rack

There are at least two options for this kind of rack. First, you can make one from jars and magnet sheet, in which you can attach your spice jars on the sheet. Set the magnet sheet just under your cabinet.

Second, you can also get one in which the spice jar lids will stay on the rack. You need to twist the jar to let it off. It maximizes space usage in your kitchen and it doesn’t take any of your counter top as well. It is creative and it works like fun.

Under cabinet spice rack

8. Spice Wire Rack for Small Kitchens

This farmhouse looking wire rack is made to help you in saving some space in the kitchen. The rack has four tiers, and they will be more than enough for your entire collection of spices. As it is a wall rack, you need to hang it somewhere which explains why it is space saving.

You can get the farmhouse look like this one, but there are plenty of other options too for other styles, including vintage and minimalist. Just make sure you get the wire one because it makes a sturdy option for many spice jars to store at once.

Spice Wire Rack for Small Kitchens

9. Best Spice Racks for Small Kitchens, Floating Spice Shelves

This is always a good idea. Adding floating shelves is a must for a small kitchen, and it will work for your spices too. While you can custom order the shelves to fit your need, you can always DIY it too for even budget saving way.

It makes sure accessibility is on your hand while storing will be a breeze too. It will be wise to add barriers on the edge to prevent falling jars, and it will be great to be places just anywhere in your kitchen. 

Floating Spice Shelves

10. Tucked Away Spice Shelves

This isn’t a rack, but it is worth the same appreciation and consideration. The shelves are actually hidden behind the backsplash of the kitchen which are totally covered when you don’t need it. It is neat and clean, and totally safe too.

It doesn’t eat your counter top at all for being hidden back there, and you can actually store a whole collection of it if you enrich it with several tiers of shelves. Accessibility is great and it is smart space saving piece too.

Tucked Away Spice Shelves

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