Best Small Kitchen Backsplashes to Make the Kitchens Appear Larger

Some of us only have tiny space in our home to be functioned as a kitchen. However, it doesn’t mean that we cannot enjoy our meal preparation there due to the limited space. One of the ways we can do to make the small kitchens look larger is by installing the right backsplashes.

Backsplashes even serve double functions: functionality and aesthetics. Check out the following ideas of small kitchen backsplash and be ready to get inspired!

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1. Glossy Grandeur

The first backsplash ideas for small kitchen is glossy grandeur. Glass paneling is a foolproof and also easy method for making an illusion of small space. When the glass panel is employed as a backsplash, it will turn the small kitchen to look bigger as it reflects lots of the light around.

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Such backsplash idea really works well for kitchen with both dark and light colors. To make the backsplash even better, you can amplify the backsplash effect by adding another task lighting under your upper cabinets. Doing this way can add sheen to the kitchen at gloomy days or at night.

Glass paneling GLOSSY GRANDEUR Small Kitchen Backsplashes

2. Elegant Striations

Coming up next is elegant striations. Such kitchen backsplash can function at best when it is combined with the use of slim-cut tiles. Those two elements in your kitchen can play up the length of a parallel kitchen.

In addition to the slim-cut tiles, you can also choose smaller or bigger tile cuts. Those ideas are actually tricks for the eyes to turn the kitchen to feel and look longer than what it actually is.

Elegant Striations slim-cut tiles small kitchen backsplash


3. Spillover Style

Most of the times, homeowners tend to restrict their kitchen backsplash to certain areas behind the preparation and hob areas. The good news is homeowners can do more than that. Homeowners can install backsplash from mosaic tile by extending it to the walls and also by making it way to either door’s side.

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Such idea can give space continuity and thus make the tiny kitchen appear larger. Another idea for this spillover style is to install backsplash that is made from the same color as the dominant colors in the kitchen. For example, the dominant color in the kitchen is off-white hue. That is what exactly needs to be the color of the backsplash. By choosing such color tone, the space in the small kitchen can looks roomy.

Small kitchen backsplash ideas with the same motif as the wall


4. Neutral Nuances

If you favor neutral design, you can go with neutral nuances for your kitchen backsplash. A neural kitchen backsplash of one color is such a pleasant addition for your small kitchen. Such backsplash can take attention away from the dingy and cramped spaces and thus can cast the expansive effect.

Nonetheless, you need to make sure that you materials that are easy to clean. Some examples of such materials are corian, quartz, granite, and ceramic. Those materials are great for backsplash with neutral colors.

Neutral backsplash for small kitchen

5. Breezy and Airy

Another backsplash idea to turn your small kitchen to look larger is by installing a window and then by having the window surrounded by a backsplash that is simple yet smart. Such backsplash can create picturesque look and also can create depth to the small area of the kitchen. Yet, you need to make sure that the window isn’t installed opposite or in front of your kitchen’s hob.

Backsplash window for small kitchen

6. Pretty Patterns

For you who love patterns for interior design, you can go with pretty patterns for you kitchen backsplash. Patterns are able to immediately boost the décor of any room and the one in your kitchen is surely no exception.


What you need here is tiled and also bold patterns. Backsplash with such patterns can work at its best when it is installed in an open kitchen. Such backsplash can help delineate small kitchens without compromising on its space. The large patterns of such backsplash are created from multiple tiles that have hypnotic effects in the small kitchen.

Pretty pattern backsplash small kitchen pink

7. A Dash of Fun Backsplash

The idea behind backsplash installment in the kitchen should be timeless, versatile, and able to turn the kitchen to be modern and classy. That’s why, you need to find something unique for your backsplash. Another idea for your kitchen backsplash is adding “fun touch” to it.

No matter what material is used for the backsplash, from concrete to marble or as simple as DIY stickers, you need to infuse a breath of fresh air to the world full of subway tiles. Such backsplash is able to spice up the vibe of your small kitchen.

Onyx fun backsplash for small kitchen


8. Brick Backsplash

Brick can even do your small kitchen great. Bricks can bring warmth as well as richness to your kitchen. What is more, when bricks happen to exist behind the wall of your kitchen, you should expose them to make the space of your small kitchen more modern and cozy.

You don’t need to worry about the cleaning process of the bricks behind the kitchen’s sink and stove as it is surprisingly easy. If it is not possible to use exposed bricks for your kitchen’s backsplash, you can simply fake the look of the exposed bricks using faux wallpaper or panels.


Brick backsplash small kitchen ideas


9. Some Texture for Your Kitchen Backsplash

Next up, here comes a great backsplash idea for a modern small kitchen. One thing to bear in mind about modern kitchen design is that it focuses more on bold and clean lines. However, adding some texture to the kitchen’s décor is not automatically making the modern kitchen outdated.

Modern style Backsplash small kitchen

On the contrary, adding a bit of texture to the kitchen’s décor such as using it for kitchen backsplash can turn the kitchen to be more stylish and fresh. The fresh and stylish look can even be more visible when the one that is used is European texture.

Such texture can even look greater when it is combined with modern white and granite cabinets. Such design can create a beautiful way to maintain a traditional kitchen without making it too antique.

There are more than just plenty ideas of backsplash for your small kitchen. Choose the one that suits your preference and style and go ahead installing them to your kitchen!


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