Best Selection of Small Modern House Exterior Designs

For some homeowners, having a small modern house exterior designs is a challenge due to the limitations of the house designs. The good news is that is wrong. Small house can even be design in a modern touch.

Here are some selections of small modern house exterior designs for you. Although your house is small, it still deserves the best exterior design. Pick one that you favor the most.



1. Snazzy Small Modern House Exterior Designs

The first small modern house exterior design you can try is this snazzy exterior design. The exterior design of the house involves the combination of plaster, varnished timber, and also mushroom tones. All of the elements then create snazzy exterior design of the house.

The major colors seen in the front part of the house are brownish white, black maroon, dark grey, and black. Complementing the exterior design of the house is the design of the street side. The house occupies its street side for its frontage by involving manicured garden hedges that are created in a single row.

The trees of the garden are cut low and are cut in a round shape. The green color of the garden seems to be a perfect fit for the mushrooms tones of the house.

White wooden and charcoal snazzy small modern house exterior design

Image: 3DVue

2. Greeny Exterior Design

The next small modern house exterior design is this greeny design. This exterior design can suit best those homeowners who favor natural vibe or simply green atmosphere around their house. This exterior design integrates greenery into the home.

The green colors from the plants used around the house are complemented with white colors coming from the brick creation. The brick creation is a serial of brick inlets that can help the house have more lights inside. Added to the exterior design is creeping fern drapes that are places over the garage and the living area.

Overall, the dominant colors of the exterior design of the house are white and green. The dominant vibe of the area surrounding the house is green, fresh, and relaxing.

Greeny Exterior Design White Draping

Small modern house exterior designs. Image: Archi CGI

3. Foresty Exterior Design

Here comes another exterior design that suits homeowners who favor green and natural vibe around their house. This foresty exterior design is the answer of how modern houses are not merely the ones in the city.

Modern houses too can be places in a rural area. What makes the house feel modern is the design, especially the exterior design. What the homeowners need to do is setting in an awesome forest glade.

Besides, they need to add the blossoms of white cheery, weeping willow trees that can infuse softness to the area surrounding the house, and also a column in black paint that can hold a room with a beautiful view.

4. An Exterior Design for a Modern Log Cabin

Who has never dreamed of living in a modern log cabin? Homeowners who love modern styled house must have once dreamed of living in such house. Here is an idea of exterior design for such houses.

This exterior design occupies paned wooden as the dominant element of the exterior part. Such exterior is able to run the smooth grooves on the house’s roof and perpendicular in the house’s body. The dominant colors of the exterior design are definitely brown.


The darker ones come from the paned wooden exterior while the lighter one comes from the wooden wall around the entrance door. Such exterior design along with those elements is able to open up the house’s windows to the view of forest of pine around the house.

Such exterior design can suit the house that is situated in an area with trees around it. Also, this exterior design also suits homeowners who always want to enjoy outside view from inside of the house.

5. Sophisticated and Sexy Exterior Design

Another great idea for small modern house exterior design is this sophisticated and sexy design. What makes it sophisticated and sexy are the elements included in the exterior design. This exterior design occupies an array of disjointed levels that are able to glow in when it comes to sunset.

Moreover, the exterior design also features a column of beige bricks that are built tall. The bricks column meets the panels made from slatted wood and a plaster frame. The combination of the bricks, panels, and the frame can let the light from outside of the house come to the common areas of the house.

At the same time, those important elements of the exterior design also provide the homeowners to have privacy in the areas where they want to hide. Such exterior design is not only modern, it is also sophisticated and sexy.

Sophisticated and Sexy Exterior Design

Image: Phil Ryan

6. A “Rocky” Exterior Design

Another great choice of exterior design for a modern house is this one that features a tall column. Homeowners can sculpt their exterior garden with some placed rocks. The modern house here is built with a tall concrete column that makes the overall view is so resplendent.

The house also comes with slatted blinds walls and also glass panes that are installed vertically. All of those components really match grey, their dominant color, to the rock stairway and rock entrance.

Generally speaking, the exterior design of this modern house occupies rock a lot in its elements, making it a very modern house. Besides, to infuse a fresh look in the front part of the house, homeowners need to build a garden and place some big rocks in the middle of the garden.

7. An Exterior Design featuring a Pool

Here comes the last idea of small modern house exterior design. This exterior design can suit the house with a pool in front of it the best. The pool that is built right in front area of the house can mimic the shape of the house’s exterior.

The horizontal abode that comes with a long line can protect the elements of exterior design with metal and glass coverings. To add more luxurious vibe to the area around the house, add strip of blue that runs the length of the pool.

Every house deserves the best exterior design. Go choose the one that suits your preference, style, and need. Create such exterior design to make your houses even more comfy and pretty.

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