Every house has different size of kitchen. Tiny kitchen is not the reason for you to stop enjoying your cooking time. There are many great ideas to trick this condition. These are some best product you need if you have tiny kitchen.  They can help you saving more space, and even create extra space to make your kitchen looks bigger. Check them out!

1. Expandable Under-The-Sink Organizer for Organizing the Underworld

Before looking for extra space from the other areas, let’s begin with the one under your sink. There is an available space, and this stuff can help you to organize soap, brush, floor cleaner, and more. It is easy to install it, and fit for you who has a lot of cleaning things but has no enough space to store them all in one space.


2. Magnetic Cooking Utensils Will Save Your Space and Easy to Grab

Store all of your stuff inside the shelf is not always the best option. There are times you need to be quick in cooking, and you have to explore through the shelf just for finding that spatula. Let’s say goodbye on that old habit, and move on to magnetic cooking utensils.

Not only saving more space to you, it lets you grab the utensil you need instantly. Some magnetic stuff is easy to get rusty. Therefore, it is best to put them away from the sink.


3. Rather than Stored in a Shelf, Hang Those Glasses on Wineglass Rack

Some people prefer to store their wineglass inside the shelf. The fact is it takes more space while you actually can use it for other more important things. Nowadays, they have this wineglass rack that will be really helpful for you to save some space in your tiny kitchen. Simply install it under your cabinet, and store your wineglass over there.


4. Nesting Storage Containers Will Make a Big Change in Saving Your Space

Back in the old days when we used to put containers inside the shelf, we ran out of space just to make sure each of them have enough area. Having these nesting storage containers will only take up small room.

Every lid will be paired with each container, so there will be neither orphan lids nor containers in your kitchen. Don’t worry about the safety and durability, they are BPA free and easy to clean.


5. A Rack Stand for Organizing Your Favorite Spices

Can you count how many spices in the kitchen? Let’s call some of them; salt, pepper, cinnamon, chili powder, curry powder, bay leaf, basil, and these list will never come to an end. Since there are many kinds of spices that you have in the kitchen, of course it takes more spaces just for the spices.

This rack stand can help you saving more space in the tiny kitchen by organizing it in a neat and clean space. It comes with eighteen simple yet nice jars that you can put name on it.

A Rack Stand for Organizing Your Favorite Spices

6. Under Your Cabinet, Put a Fruit Hammock

Some fruits are best to be stored in a room temperature, but we do not always have that space to store them. This fruit hammock can save the space and also it takes available space that we barely notice it is exist; under the cabinet. Not only fruits, you can also store vegetables that you are going to cook. It helps you saving the space and also the time for you to prepare them all.


7. Consider a Fold-down Table For Your Kitchen

While we are still preparing the dish for the day, table is one of stuff in the kitchen that you barely use. Therefore, by getting over it for a while will give you extra space. This fold-down table will provide you temporary extra space, so you can invite more guests in the kitchen while having standing party. There are also folded-chairs that you can consider to support this table.


8. Add a Touch of Art on Your Kitchen with A Geometric Wine Rack

Rather than storing them inside the shelf like what most people do, considering this geometric wine rack is necessary. First, you can get extra space since your wine will be stored neatly in this organizer. Second, you can have an artistic point on your kitchen with this simple yet luxury rack.


9. An Expandable Shelf for Extra Space Inside Your Cabinet

One cabinet usually has two levels inside, and each is separated in a quite long space. Let’s take the opportunity to maximize the cabinet by installing an expandable shelf. It will quickly change your two-level cabinet into four-level cabinet. Save more space in the nicest way. You can store more stuff inside the cabinet, and you can have more spacey area in the kitchen to invite more people.


10. An Under-Shelf Drying Rack Will Help Dry Your Mugs

After washing mugs and other hanging utensils, sometimes it takes time to let it dry. Therefore, we just simply put it close to the sink to let it dry. Hold up. This under-shelf drying rack will help you to do that. No need to use any kitchen counter or anything else anymore. As additional benefits, you can store your mugs neatly and easily find your favorite mugs anytime you need it.


11. Let’s Maximize the Corner by Having This Two-Tier Storage Shelf

Corners are the most challenging area to fill in the kitchen. The good thing is now you can use a two-tier storage shelf, so you can use the corner for more useful purpose. You can add some spices and oil, so it will be easy for you to grab it while serving your breakfast or dinner.


12. Save More Space and Money as Well by Having This Four-Piece Cooking Set

Do you have griddle, cooking pots, and steamer in your kitchen? How much space do they need? This four-piece cooking set consists of three of them plus the lid. It will help you doing three things to do in one time; steam the potato, cook the meat, and stir fry some veggies on the top. It saves more space and money, more than what you expect.


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