Best kitchen Island Ideas for Small Kitchen

Kitchen Island can be described as the multifunctional and useful equipment to be placed in your kitchen. Though, sometimes people still think about finding the most suitable kitchen island that can be fit enough inside their small kitchen.

Do not worry much, since there are some good references to be found for the most functional kitchen island that will fit properly to your kitchen no matter what the size of your kitchen is.


1. Small Sized Kitchen Island with Restaurant Grade

For small kitchen area, choosing a small sized kitchen island with restaurant grade is a brilliant choice. You may check the kitchen island with small size by visiting the store which provides restaurant supply and gets the small sized kitchen island made from stainless steel material.

This kitchen island comes has a lightweight and the stainless steel material is also known for the durability with affordable price.

Stainless steel kitchen island for small space

Interesting stainless steel kitchen island for small space. Image:

2. Kitchen Island with Butcher Block Style

Kitchen Island with butcher block style can be another alternative for those who want to find a practical kitchen island. This kitchen island comes with butcher block, with the surface that is suitable to serve the food and always great for all the kitchen needs. This kitchen island can be modified with the stools if you want to have a feature of snack counter.

Small Portable Kitchen Island with Butcher Block Style

Small Butcher Block Kitchen Island

3. Kitchen Island with Floating Ledge Concept

For small kitchen area that emphasizes kitchen practical features, the choice of kitchen island with floating ledge concept can be great since the ledge of butcher block with floating design can be a multipurpose kitchen feature, it can be used both for butcher block and kitchen island. This kitchen island usually comes with a compact and minimalist design.

Kitchen Island with Floating Ledge Concept, Drawer, and Wind Rack

4. Kitchen Island with Storable Concept for the Small Kitchen

If you have the open spot that available around your kitchen, you may make your own special design of Kitchen Island with storages such as shelves drawers or cabinets that can be useful to put your kitchen tools.

You can also have your own kitchen design with the special edition of cabinets with the rollout design and the cabinet pieces just for you, so the kitchen island can have multipurpose functions.

How about the storable kitchen island design? The picture above is an interesting one.

5. Kitchen Island with Rolling Design

For the kitchen area with limited space, you may consider a type of kitchen island with rolling design. By choosing this type of Kitchen Island, it will be easy for you to move your kitchen island since this is the kitchen island style which mobiles everywhere.

This island has wheels that usually made from polyurethane materials which very well known for the high density, so you may also lock the kitchen.

6. Kitchen Island with Rustic Revival Design

The type of kitchen island with special design of rustic revival is designed for those who love a sleek design of kitchen island. This is a modern type of kitchen island usually made from wood but has a modern finishing touch with a sleek design.

7. Kitchen Island with Rounded Edges Design

Kitchen island with rounded edges design comes with the curve style around the sides of a kitchen island. The unique design comes with a great mixture of colors such as white, yellow and green which becomes eye-catching since the colors can be seen in the countertops with a dark color and made from wood.

Kitchen Island with Rounded Edges Design


8. The Open Storage Kitchen Island

The type of kitchen island with open storage style can be a perfect choice for those who love this new design. Your small kitchen will look great with the addition of this kitchen island since it has the open storage which creates enough space for you to keep some of your kitchen materials, so you will keep your kitchen neat and tidy.

The Open Storage Kitchen Island for small space

The Open Storage Kitchen Island for small space. Image:

9. Kitchen Island with Hidden Assets Style

This unique kitchen island comes with hidden assets style since there are some hidden wheels that can be used when you want to move your kitchen island. This kitchen island can be functioned as a spot for eating or just counter space for your kitchen area.

10. Mobile Metal Kitchen Island

Your limited kitchen space will look adorable with the addition of a kitchen island that comes in mobile design. This kitchen island can be moved and it also has an additional space that will be suitable for any kinds of food preparation. This kitchen island also has a cool design made from stainless steel materials mixed with the brilliant chrome.

Mobile Metal Kitchen Island for narrow space

11. Kitchen Island with Cottage Calm Design

Kitchen island with the vintage style can be reused from the tabletop. For those who have the limited budget, this can be a great choice since you can make it by your own creativity by using the long-abandoned table top that you have for a long time, it will surely add vintage style to your kitchen area.

Kitchen island with the vintage style

12. Kitchen Island with Long Slender Design

To save more space in your limited kitchen area, the choice of the kitchen island that comes with long slender design will be suitable. The kitchen island comes with special curve bracket design with a special structure of boxes. You can also use the countertop as your dining spot which has a casual style.

Kitchen Island with Long Slender Design

13. Kitchen Island with Furniture Style

For small kitchen idea, the choice of petite kitchen island with furniture style will sound incredible. This kitchen island also has exposed feet feature to make you feel more comfortable to use this island as an eating spot. It also comes with a countertop with the stainless steel design that makes it even look more stunning.

14. The Slim Kitchen Island

A slim kitchen island is the best choice for those who want to save more space in the kitchen area. This kitchen island also has drawer feature to add more storage and the drawers can be used for you to put everything inside it.

There are kinds of kitchen islands that can be suitable for your kitchen area, to save up more space but still useful and always make your kitchen looks incredible. So, you may feel free to hunt your best kitchen island and improve your kitchen area.

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