Best Countertop for Small Kitchen

When it comes to kitchen countertop, all materials are considerable. However, several colors make the perfect ones for a small kitchen for good reasons too. Small detail like the edge is also helpful if you plan it carefully. If you don’t have any idea on what to do, check out the following ideas for some inspiration.

A. The Best Edges for the Countertop

Regardless the material you decide to use, the edge matters on the final look. For a small kitchen, there are three kinds of edge that you can use. Here is what and why that will inspire you.

1. The Single Bevel

This is probably the most common and the most recommended edge for a small kitchen. The shape is also very popular. The square countertop edge is cut in around 45° angle at the top. While it keeps the original square shape, there is a little decoration on it too.

It gives a touch of elegance without taking a lot of your space. It looks like you spend a huge budget on it while you are probably not. It doesn’t matter what material you use with this design, it makes a perfect and decent look for a small kitchen.

Single bevel for best countertop edge for small kitchen

2. Bull Nose

This edge has the smooth and perfect round shape on the corner. It makes a simple yet elegance lines and it is safe for a small busy kitchen. The trick is on the material you use. This design isn’t so expensive as long as you choose your material well.

It gives you the expensive look as well while it doesn’t overwhelm the other details of the kitchen. Your cabinet can be simple and modest, and this edge will work well. Your cabinet and counter can be elegant in contrary, and this edge blends nicely.

However, this bull nose edge can look outdated as well. The trick is to be playful on your color. Rather than using washed white, it is better to use bright white, silver, black, or sparkling grey to make it pop. Last, this edge is great for a small kitchen with kids too.

Best countertop edge for small kitchen with bull nose

3. The Eased Edge

Eased edge is derived from the crisp and modern line. It makes sure it is compact enough for a small space while it is adjusted a little bit. Keeping the square shape nicely, the corners are smoothened. The result is an upscale look on a small kitchen.

This edge gives additional benefit. While it makes awkward shape of modern lining elegant, it also hides your additional pull out counter. It won’t look awful and it looks as if you design it too well. In addition to it, this edge is often added in laminated countertop and it makes even cheap material looks more expensive.

This edge style is the best style to use in a small kitchen. It makes sure your kitchen is compact while it also maintains the posh look. You also get to use cheap materials without concerning about people finding it out. Surprisingly, it doesn’t take a lot of money to get this done.

The best countertop edge for small kitchen with the Eased Edge

B. The Best Colors to Use

Now, you need to think about the color you want to use for the countertop as well. Basically, the color needs to make a simpler and crisp look so the space seems larger. In addition to it, there are maybe more purposes you need to know like to make the focal point, to deliver statement, and more. Here are several colors you should consider to use on your small kitchen countertop.

1. Dramatic Color

Dramatic color is what you need for a small kitchen countertop if you need a larger impression for the room, or when you need the countertop to be the primary statement of the kitchen. Dramatic color works best when you can’t fine enough visual for drama in the room.

The best pair of this dramatic color will be dark cabinet under that. It makes sure you avoid dark and stone feeling the kitchen and it changes the room for brighter mood depending on the choice of color you make.

Best countertop color for small kitchen with dramatic countertops

2. Gray or Midtone

Especially if you have metallic accent, this color will make a great pair. This color will show them off nicely. In alternative, gray or midtone will make sure your colorful cabinet works well together and the countertop just softens it. Also, you are going to need this color if you use black and white scheme for the kitchen. It mutes it a bit and makes it softer.

Best countertop color for small kitchen with midtone

3. Black or Dark

This is a perfect color for almost many purposes. In a small kitchen like in modern condos, you may have backsplash in smoky mirrored. This color completes it instantly for an ultimate look. If you have a lot of black elements in the room, this is the right choice to connect them all. It also makes a great completion for colorful cabinet. It makes sure the hues pop out well.

Black countertop color for small kitchen


4. Wood Countertop

Wood countertop is also a great option for a small kitchen. Especially when you don’t get enough wood for the other details, adding wood on the countertop is a perfect choice. It also allows you to have a little charm in your small kitchen.

In addition to all, small kitchen often uses white cabinet to create roomier impressions. In this case, this color will warm it up, creating an intimate space for everyone.

Wood countertop for small kitchen color ideas

5. Pure White

This color is probably the first color you can think of and your instinct is right. White countertop delivers you modern and crisp design. It makes a fitting for a small kitchen. It makes your small kitchen look a lot bigger in an instance.

White is also the answer when you need a color that breaks up all modern finishing in the kitchen. It balances and softens them while it maintains the stylish look all at once. The other best thing about this color is that it works on all schemes while it is easy to reach expensive look with this shade.

Best countertop color for small kitchen with white ideas


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