Best Bathroom Design Ideas for Tiny House on Wheels You Hope You Know Sooner

A tiny house becomes a trend and a movement in 2018. Lots of people start to build their dream house only using a small space available. Some of them also build a tiny house on wheels to start living a simpler life. Together with their tiny house, they travel across the country easily.

However, due to the small space, the owners need to sacrifice the rooms, including the bathroom. In fact, the bathroom is essential and having the comfortable one will help your “business”. Don’t worry, here are some ideas to build a comfortable bathroom on your tiny house on wheels.


1. Remember the Essentials

A tiny house requires a smaller space to make easy to move. But, it also needs complete household appliances to function well. For the bathroom, you also need to consider choosing the essentials.

Essentials here mean that you cannot eliminate them from the list although you desperately need to reduce the space. But, what are the essentials for your bathroom?

  • Toilet

The most essential thing you need for your bathroom is, of course, the toilet. There is a wide variety of toilet that you can choose, but most of them have the same function.

Why is it essential? You cannot eliminate it from the list since you might have difficulties in finding the cleanest toilet on your journey.

It will come in handy if you need to do your “business” without interrupting other people. Plus, it will also provide a great sanctuary for you.

Alpha Tiny House Bathroom Design Ideas

Alpha Tiny House Bathroom Design Ideas. Image:

  • Shower

Having a bathroom without a shower is like a hook without bait. Having the shower in your tiny house bathroom is very important. Again, it will play a big role if you cannot find a bathroom nearby.

It will be a completely different story if you don’t mind to not taking a bath frequently. Or, you are planning to take showers at the nearby public bathroom.

Tiny house bathroom shower design ideas

Tiny house bathroom shower design ideas. Image:

  • Ventilation

The last thing you want in your bathroom is to have mold all over your wall. The mold likes to grow well in the damp area, like your bathroom.

To prevent the mold, you need to consider installing the ventilation. It will provide cleaner and fresher air, and it will be the best solution to eliminate the mold out of your bathroom.

Skylight over shower bathroom tiny house design ideas

Skylight over shower tiny house bathroom. Image:

2. Sacrifice Some Things You Don’t Need

Every homeowner always dreams to build their dream house. Most of them tend to build everything they might not need. It is perfectly fine if you have a bigger space in your house, but for the tiny house, you need to sacrifice some things to make use of the available space.

  • Bathtub

Do you enjoy your leisure time on the bathtub? If you do, having one for your tiny house is not a crime, unless you have very limited space available. The bathtub will require more space and it will also disturb your movement in the bathroom.

The best decision is not to use bathtub at all and consider having a shower stall. But, if you cannot give up the bathtub and you don’t mind to slouch, you can choose the smallest tub available to save the space.

  • Sink

After doing your “business”, you definitely need to wash your hands to eliminate the bacteria. Having the sink on your bathroom is important, but for a tiny house, it can be a waste of space.

You will have a sink on your kitchen and if the bathroom is located next to the kitchen, you can simply wash your hands on the kitchen sink. Or, you can also use the shower stall to wash your hands to save more space on your bathroom.

  • Storage

One of the essential things you need for your bathroom is the storage. You can use it to save your towels or other bathroom essentials. But, for a tiny house, the storage will take more space.

You can simply store the bathroom essentials on other cabinets on your house. But, if you still want to have the storage on your bathroom, you can consider installing the floating shelf or cabinet.

It will help you save more space and it can also be a good decoration for your bathroom.

3. How to Design the Bathroom to Look Bigger

Choosing the essentials and sacrificing the things you don’t need may help you in organizing the bathroom. But somehow, it isn’t enough since the bathroom still looks packed.

You can still eliminate the things you don’t need, but if you can’t, you need to design it in such a way so that it will look bigger.

  • Play with Patterns and Color

Having a small space doesn’t mean that you cannot create a bigger space illusion. Actually, you can do it easily by using bigger patterns on your bathroom. You can consider installing wallpaper or tiles with bigger patterns.

To create an even bigger room illusion, you can decorate your bathroom with bright and bold color. Avoid choosing small patterns and darker color since they will make the bathroom looks smaller.

  • Consider Adding Windows

The best way to create a bigger space illusion is by allowing the natural light to enter your bathroom. To do this, you can simply add some windows to your bathroom. The light will fill up the room and limit the shadows. That way, your tiny bathroom will look bigger.

  • Hang Mirror

If your bathroom has had the window, you can add a bigger illusion by hanging the mirror. The mirror will act as a reflector and it will help to spread the light all over the room.

It will also create a wider space illusion as if you have additional room in your bathroom. You can choose the mirror with a frame so that it will look like a real window or you can just choose the non-frame mirror.

  • Consider Buying Multi-purpose Appliances

To save more space on your tiny house bathroom, you can buy multi-purpose appliances. There are plenty of multi-purpose appliances that you can find in the store, like a toilet with a top sink. Or, you can also customize your own appliances by combining the storage and sink or loo and other things.

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