Awe-Inspiring Tiny House Kitchen Design Ideas

There are several reasons why people love to have tiny kitchen. First, the house owner doesn’t have much space for the house. Second, the focus of the house is huge playground and sufficient space for a living. Kitchen are supposed to hold lots of stuffs. How to make it efficient without being stuffy?


1. Rustic Pop

While dealing with the small kitchen, the house owner could do the length side or the width side. The choice will determine practically everything. Those who love to have wider dining space must use the width to put the stove, sink, refrigerator and cooking utensils. Luckily, there is a way to fit them all and make a rustic pop look!

The order goes as follows: the stove, the sink and refrigerator. The counter is surrounding the sink. Extra cabinet and shelves are attached to the wall above. Install a hook to put the pan and don’t forget the lights. For rustic look, put wooden material as the backsplash and the counter. What about the pop effect? Simply paint the cupboard and cabinet using indigo blue paint.

Rustic tiny house kitchen shipping container design ideas


Rustic decoration and design ideas for tiny house kitchen


2. Hobbit Retro Kitchen

Raise your hand if you are a fan of Hobbit movie! If there is an unforgettable interior from the movie, it will be the round door of Bilbo Haggin. Incorporating this idea to small kitchen doesn’t sound bad. In fact, it is a good solution for a small kitchen with an arch roof, small width but long length.

Install a round window and arrange it in a way that I occupies almost all of the window. On both sides, install spot lighting to illuminate the counter. Hang ambiance lamp on the top to add more lights. The sink goes right in front of the window, its surface is lower than the stove and counter. There is no upper cabinet, just the lower ones, painted in white to contrast the shiny black wooden counter on the top.

Hobbit tiny house kitchen design ideas


3. Classic and Airy Space

Got a square space? No worries! This trick will help to make the limited square room fits to function as a kitchen. First, install a window on the opposite side of the door. Measure well and leave enough space to put refrigerator and stove. To get classic look, pick black refrigerator and pair it with black and white stainless stove. In the middle, put a counter with brown counter, silvery sink and white cabinets.

The spices, plates, glass and bowl go to the shelves. They are nicely attached on the wall, a sturdy material made from wood. A hexagon additional shelf is hung next to the window. On the upper wall, spot lights are installed, directed to the top shelves. On the kitchen island, two more pendant lights with different height are found. Take reclaimed wood for both the island and the chairs.

Wooden classic tiny house kitchen decor ideas


4. Farmhouse Look

Who says that small kitchen cannot feel like the warm farmhouse one? Once again, it all depends on how well the house owner arrange the items. Start the project by installing the stove and airways on the corner. Next to the stove, put the kitchen counter and sink. Make sure the sink is right under the window. Pick the wood patterned counter to bring in the farmhouse atmosphere.

Next to the lower cabinet, put the oven. Add upper cabinet if needed, next to the window. Is there any space left above the airways? Put a mini microwave. Since small kitchen gets dirty faster than normal sized one, install broken white tiles as the backsplash. It warns the house owner to immediately clean. Finish the touch by painting the cabinet and window with dusty blue paint.

Farmhouse Tiny House Kitchen Design Ideas


5. Hallway Kitchen

A hallway is usually pretty tight, but big enough for two people to walk at the same time. If there is no room left, the hallway could fit the kitchen criteria. Be careful with the arrangement, though. Leave the area in front of the door empty, so one person could walk freely. The pendant lamp shouldn’t be hung in the way, too. Take the available space to put stove and sink. Put a space in between with a cabinet.

Ignore the backsplash and use the wall to install hooks to hang the kitchen utensils. Just above the hooks, add shelves. These should not be too high, just within the hand reach. Now, where to put the refrigerator and microwave? If there is no more space, the only option is putting them in the other part of the house. It would be more convenient if the wall has niche.

Tiny house kitchen hallway design ideas


6. Kitchen under the Stair

One tricky part of the house would be the area under the stairs. The interior designers might suggest the house owners to make a reading area or simple storage room. Now there is one more option: kitchen. Only consider this option if the area has enough height to fit adult. Otherwise, the idea should not be listed. In addition, there should be a window on the deepest side, so the air circulation could flow well.

Later on, the stove installed in this kitchen should also have tunnel. Put the stove between two cabinets, then add sink on the end. Don’t forget to install wallpaper, so the oil and sticky dust could be cleaned thoroughly. For the lighting, take one big and bright lamp on the ceiling. Avoid pendant light, as it will bump to the cook. Need some decoration? Put a small pot of green plant near the window.

Tiny house kitchen under stairs design ideas


Since the space is limited, there is no better color than white. It makes the space look cleaner and bigger. If the house owner wants a little texture, simply take granite or wooden counter. Play safe with the wallpaper. Never install the one with complex pattern. Choose the plain color instead.

Small kitchen is not the end of the world. The house owners just need to think carefully about the design. In fact, it squeeze out the creativity from the house owner. Don’t give out just yet. Some perfect examples and ideas have been presented to you. See anything you like?

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