Attractive Kitchen Layouts for Small Kitchen

Are you trying to get some attractive kitchen layout for a small kitchen? If that so, you have to stick with this article until the end. Redecorating your old kitchen to be a new one can give a fresh air to the homeowner. Some people may face difficulties when trying to make a kitchen layout for the small kitchens.

Here, you will see some attractive kitchen layouts that will be suitable for a small kitchen. There are various kitchen layouts that you can choose from.  Check out the details:

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1. Single-Wall Kitchen

This is the easiest and simplest kitchen layout for a small kitchen. It is a kitchen that built into the one-wall kitchen. The example of a single-wall kitchen is the kitchen you found in the small home or flats. It is due to the space and the efficiency of the cost, of course.

Single-wall kitchen allows the homeowner to work in one workspace. The position of the kitchen equipment will place in a linear position, with the sink as the separation between the refrigerator and the cooker. The single-wall kitchen is the choice for those who want open space for their kitchen. The advantages of the single-wall kitchen are that it doesn’t take much space and you can work in a single space.

Single-Wall small Kitchen

2. Single-Wall Kitchen with a Kitchen Island

The basic meaning of single-wall kitchen with an island is the same as the single-wall kitchen. The only thing that makes the difference is the addition of the kitchen island which located in front of the wall. It has a large surface which can function as a sink for the one side and a serving table on the other side. The addition of the kitchen island can enhance the look of your kitchen.

This layout also can be a good choice for the kitchen with a large space. It doesn’t need a much space and yet you can have more space for your kitchen.

Single-Wall Kitchen with a Kitchen Island


3. Corridor or Galley Kitchen

A corridor kitchen is also known as galley kitchen. It is called corridor since it looked like a corridor or hallway in the layout. This can be an effective layout for a small kitchen. It doesn’t need much room for the installment.

It is because the shape is long with a way in the middle of the sides. The corridor kitchen can advantage two-walls as the basic installment or an island used to replace the second wall. The corridor kitchen provides much storage. It can be a choice for you who have a small kitchen with high cooking frequency.

You can add the windows to the wall for giving open space and allow the sunlight to come in. This kind of kitchen layout is mostly used by the chefs.

Corridor or Galley Kitchen small space

4. L-Shaped Kitchen

It is named for the L-shaped kitchen because the layout is like the L letter. It is widely used in home kitchen nowadays. If you want to choose a modem kitchen layout for your cooking place, the L-shaped kitchen can be your choice. The layout is elegant and functional.

The L-shaped kitchen is efficient because you can prepare, cook and clean up in the closest triangle area that can make your work easier. This efficient kitchen layout can be matched with any theme and décor. In order to have an L-shaped kitchen, you have to build a corner for this layout.

L-Shaped Small Kitchen Design Ideas

5. L shaped kitchen with an island

Even if you have a small kitchen, it doesn’t mean that you can have the L-shaped kitchen with an island. You can manage to have an L-shaped kitchen with a small kitchen island that adapted to the size of the kitchen. There are three main areas with enough space for the flow. There are a cleanup area, cooking area, and serving area.

You can design your L-shaped kitchen with your own style but make sure that you include three main areas in the layout. Kitchen with a kitchen island loves by the homeowner because they can hang out and spending time with their children while they are cooking the dinner for the family.

L shaped kitchen with an island narrow space


6. U-shaped Kitchen

The next kitchen layout that suitable for small space is the U-shaped kitchen. It can describe as a kitchen design that has three walls lined up with the kitchen types of equipment and cabinets. It advantages the wall as a part of the kitchen. Most chefs love to use this layout as their kitchen layout since they don’t have to move across to grab any kitchen utensils they need.

You can place an island to replace the function of the wall if your kitchen doesn’t allow you to have it. Some people choose this kitchen layout because it is efficient. It is designed for efficient cooking and provides with the working triangle, which often used in the term of kitchen design. It is easier to move among the sink, the fridge, and the cooker while working in this layout. You can have more than one stove to cook at the same time.

U-shaped Kitchen Small Space


7. G-shaped Kitchen

The last kitchen layout that you need to check for the small kitchen is the G-shaped kitchen. It can be said that this layout is the most modern of all. The configuration of the design resemblances the G shape in the letter. It is a kind of kitchen layout with cabinetry design in it. The cabinet is installed into the kitchen and be a part of the layout itself.

The addition of the cabinetry design will add more storage to the kitchen. It is a great addition for the whole design since you can store all your daily needs in one place and make it more efficient and not time-consuming when you have to prepare meals with a limited time.

G-shaped Small Kitchen Layout Ideas

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There are some examples of attractive kitchen layout for a small kitchen. You can choose to have a single-wall kitchen, single-wall kitchen with an island, galley kitchen, L-shaped kitchen L-shaped kitchen with an island, U-shaped kitchen, or G-shaped kitchen. You may select the one which you love the most and suitable enough with your kitchen construction!.



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