Applying the Small Kitchen and Dining Room Combo in Your House

It is ideal to have a big house with the separated kitchen and dining area, but some houses don’t have this luxury and the homeowner needs to have the small kitchen and the dining room to be in the same area. How to do this without looking cramped? Here are the information and few ideas that you could try for the combined small kitchen and dining room combo.

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1. The Benefits of Having an Integrated Small Kitchen and Dining Room

By having a small kitchen and dining room combo, it is easier for you when you host your guests. You could cook and your guests could also help to prepare the chinaware, glassware, cutleries as well bringing the food to the table.

You still can interact with your guests and it will make a good connection between you and them. If you are having small children, it is also nice to have the combined kitchen and dining room since you can watch your kid while preparing the meal.

There are two options to design the kitchen and the dining room, you could make the separation by decorating these two areas with different scheme or you could also decorate them, in the same way, to make them look as one bigger space.

Small kitchen dining room combo remodel ideas


2. Could Open up Space

When you have a small house with limited rooms, it is important to design the house to be functional but not cramped. By having no walls between the kitchen and dining room, you could open up space and it will be one big multi-function room.

3. Use Similar Colours in Both Areas

Applying the similar colours in both areas will make the connection and feel open. However, don’t put too much same colour in many aspects since it will look monotone.

One of the easy examples is, if you paint the wall in the kitchen with green colour, you could use a similar colour for the runner or the chairs for the dining table.

4. Use Bright Colours

Actually, this tip will be applied to all smaller space in your house. In order to create a more spacious feeling, put a bright colour such as white, crème and green or yellow.

If you want to put dark colours, you could play it around with the furniture such as navy colour for the kitchen cabinet or the dining table.

Nice color small kitchen dining room combo decor ideas

5. Keep Simple Colour Palette

Not only using bright colours, but you will also need to keep the colour palette combination to be as simple as possible. This will help you to create an open and neutral feeling without being too packed from the kitchen and eating space.

For example, you could combine white, crème or beige with stainless steel countertops and natural woods furniture.

6. Use the Peninsula Bar

By using the peninsula bar, you could create the separation between the kitchen and dining areas but still feel open and spacious. Peninsula will be useful to add more cabinet storage as well you can use the countertop space for preparing the food or for a casual meal such as breakfast. Put the bar stools to add the bar seating ambience on the peninsula.

Peninsula bar kitchen dining room combo design ideas


7. Use the Island Table

If you only could have a kitchen on your house without any dining area, you could use the island table that could have two functions for food preparation and the space to have the meal.

To save the space, you could use the short stools that you could hide easily under the island table and you just need to pull it when you are using it for having the meal.

8. Use Picnic Style Benches

If you like to have a casual and modern look for your kitchen and dining areas, you could put the picnic style benches to add the casual ambience of your kitchen. What is good with this picnic style benches, it will give more space since when you don’t need it, you could tuck under the table so you can move around the kitchen.

The bench could also accommodate from two until three people, so you don’t need to search for an extra chair if you have guests coming to have lunch or dinner with you and your family.

9. Combine the Modern and Traditional Look

This is also another way to create a separation between the kitchen and the dining area. If you have a traditional kitchen that uses mostly dark woods for the furniture and floors, you could use white dining table with modern design and bright colour of chairs in order to draw attention away from the kitchen and to create the contrast look between the two areas.

Traditional kitchen dining room combo


10. Create Banquette Dining Seating

If you have a space in the corner of your kitchen, instead of putting cabinet you could change this corner into the banquette dining setting. You could put an L-shape bench with the storage cabinet underneath so you could keep some kitchen equipment there.

If you could do a big renovation, you could break the wall and put the window in this corner space so you could have the natural light that could make the area feels airy and spacious.

Banquette seating in kitchen corner

11. Use a Glass Round Table

If the eating area is very small, try to use the round table that could make space look bigger. The glass table is the best alternative since it doesn’t add the heaviness and make it feel more open in the small space. Put the white or bright colour chairs with a patterned cushion to add more casual look.

Glass round dining table decor kitchens

12. Mix and Match the Chairs

If you are looking for something different, you could mix and match the different chairs at the dining table. You could add a unique chair to personalize the room.

However, try to limit it only with two kinds of different chairs which will not make the dining room looks very busy.

13. Create a Continuous Flow with a Pop of Color

To connect the two areas, you could add a pop of colour so that you could repeat the elements from the kitchen and dining area.

For example, you could add orange colours for your bar stools and add the orange vase in the kitchen and dining table.


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