Amazing Small House Front Porch Design Ideas for All House Types

Homes are our place where we put our pride in. All starts from the porch where we welcome our guests. There is no place to show our guests than our cozy and trendy front porch. As we know, it is the first thing that will be seen by everyone who visits our house or by people who pass our houses, it will be great if we can design our front porch to show our taste. Here are several great front porch design that you can choose.


The Designs for Small Front Porch

In general, there are some features that you need to consider to create the visual structural views for your front porch, that is the porch railings, the porch columns, and also the roof. If you want to change one of these features, it will change the overall view of your porch and also your house. To create the porch that you want, you can use several combinations to get what you really desire.

Although you only have a small front porch, you can make it beautiful and big just like spacious patios and decks. Nowadays, many house owners are more likely to focus on the back yard despite the front yard. But, porch design is never old fashioned.

Just like another outdoor rooms, front porch has become the important living space for everyone. It doesn’t matter if the porch is placed in front to be intended to welcome the guests, or is placed in the back to become the space to enjoy the outdoors.

Nice small house porch ideas with pot plants

If you want to design your porch, you may want to consult first with the architect to ensure that your design is correct. A porch, unlike deck or patio, is an appendage of a house extension and the designer must know perfectly the issues, both design and structures, that need to be eliminated from the design.

There are several types of front porch designs that you need to know. You need to be able to differentiate each design before you start decorating, building or decorating the one that you have.

1. Covered Porch

This is one of the variations of porch design that focuses on the screened-in style. This design is like the sunrooms where you will have lots of windows to let the fresh air coming to the room when the windows are opened.

Covered Porch Ideas Metal Roof for Small House

2. Screened Porch

This type of porch design is very popular in the countries or regions that have four seasons as well as lots of mosquitoes or other insects during the summer. The advantage of this porch is that it is able to provide fresh air in all seasons even during the rainy season.

Colorful screened porch with fireplace small house

3. Wraparound Porch

This style of porch can be seen oftentimes from the older houses. This porch tends to start at the house entry and then wrap around one side and corner of the house literally. There are also some porches which cover two sides and corners of the house as well.

Wrap around porch house plans for small modular home

4. Open Porch

This style of porch is what being associated with the front porch. Its design is often accompanies by wide steps that land to the front porch.

So, are you ready to choose the front porch that suits your dream? Here are some amazing front porch ideas that will be useful to choose the perfect design for your house.

a. Comfortable Front Porch Design

You can design your front porch to show enough privacy to your guests by choosing simple furniture to place at the front porch. You can place two comfortable seating to create a perfect spot for you to sit and enjoy the life from your front porch. You can place two cozy chairs, each at the side of the door without being unhindered completely to view the passerbys. You can also create the balanced atmosphere on your front porch by choosing the contrasted, framed doorway.

Comfortable Entry Small Front Open Porch Design Ideas

b. White Traditional Porch

You can get the fresh coat of the white paints for the flooring, ceiling, posts, and also walls. It is to make your front porch to be just like the casual coastal style. To make this white front porch suitable to your taste, you can place the furniture based on your preference. If you want to make the porch full, you can place some sofas on it. If you want to make your front porch look spacious and wide, you can use chairs instead of sofas.

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White Traditional Porch Plant Pot Front door as decor ideas

c. Porch Plants

This design is suitable for those who would like to create an old fashioned front porch. You can add some porch steps for it. The main focus of this design is to place some potted flowers on each side of the porch step. To make it more appealing, choose the flowers in blues, whites and also purples. These potted flowers need to be maintained and watered regularly if you want to improve the curb appeal of your house.

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Porch plants potted front doors for small house design ideas

d. St. Paul Front Porch

There is an amazing design of front porch that can inspire you. It is the design of front porch that is in one home in St. Paul. This porch combines the modern and vintage touch on the design. It uses Tudor fireplace and also beveled glass doors and windows.

This porch is also designed to accommodate the mobility needs of the owner. It also includes the elevator that is designed from oak panels. This porch also provides an access to the upper deck. It is also completed with the sliding style window to provide an access to the kitchen so that the owner can pass anything from the kitchen to the front porch in case they want to have dinner there.

Traditional front porch fireplace and old furniture design

e. Farmhouse Porch Design

You can create the farmhouse setting for your small front porch by using the wood floor and also some posts. The front entry of the house is being oriented to the road side. You can also place some vintage decorations to make it more interesting like a wooden flower pot, wooden chairs, wooden table and many more.

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Farmhouse porch design country houses

These are several amazing ideas of the small front porch designs that can be used as your references. Make sure to prepare everything first before building your front porch. Good luck!

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