There is a quote that said if the kitchen is the heart of the house. It means that a kitchen is an important place that can make the home feels warm with family gather there, even it is small. Besides, the kitchen is the right place to prepare good dishes and serve the best foods. Commonly, the kitchen is easily getting messed and dirty, but do not try to ignore it!

If you let the kitchen looks messy and have no time to clean it up, your kitchen will let germs grow up there sooner or later. A dirty kitchen is the best place for insects and bacteria. No one let germs grow up in their cozy kitchen. So, a small kitchen needs treatment too.

If you are confused about starting it, there is a five-day small kitchen cleaning checklist that will help you to get the shiny small kitchen.

1. Day One


There are no hard things to do in the kitchen include making it clean. On day one, you can start to clean the kitchen utensils. Some unused kitchen utensils are dusty because of the lasting storage. Let’s begin to wash and clean all of them.

After you finished, you can continue your chore by cleaning your trash bin both inside and outside the part. It is an important thing to do because the trash bin is effortlessly getting dirty and produce a bad smell. You will get the unpleasant feeling if you work in the kitchen uncomfortably since of the stink.

The next job on this day is organizing the recipe books, apron, a hand towel, and linen. In the small kitchen, you can install the wall shelf functioned as the recipe book storage. Fold apron, hand towel, and linen if it is unused. You can put all of them inside the storage then your kitchen looks neat.

2. Day Two


The cleanest kitchen would not come in only a day. For day two, you can clean the ingredients storages, like the jars or bottles. Move the flour, butter, oil, and other ingredients in the clean bowls and wash all of the ingredients storages so there will be no germs inside it. It will be great for you to do this chore regularly.

One of the most important things to do is cleaning the fridge. Sometimes, you let some foods or vegetables until they are rotten. It makes your fridge get a bad smell. Sort the foods that still edible and wipe the shelves. Throw away the decayed ingredients inside your fridge. In the last part, melt the icicles inside the freezer also to keep your fridge works well.

The next thing in your small kitchen that needs treatment is the kitchen table and kitchen set. Dust this furniture regularly to get a clean look. You can use the cleaning products to wipe the surface of the kitchen table and kitchen set, but make sure you get the right one. For example, use the cleaning products that are safe for each furniture you have.

3. Day Three


Maybe day one and day two are exhausting for you, but you may not stop it! There are still some kitchen parts you have to clean. Firstly, start this day by moping the kitchen floor. Do not ever let your kitchen floor looks dirty and slippery since it is dangerous. Mop the kitchen floor using disinfectant cleaning products so there will be no germs anymore.

On day three, it is time for you to see and check your stove. As you know, the gas stove is used almost every day in every time you prepare or cook the foods. It can be the stain around your stove and make it looks dirty. So, clean your stove by wiping the surface and make sure you also clean the area that surrounds it.

After cleaning the stove, move to your kitchen sink and clean it up. Sometimes, there is food waste in the kitchen sink and makes germs grow there. Throw all of the food waste shortly and cleaned the sink filter. You can use the baking soda to remove the stain in your kitchen sink.

4. Day Four


You can’t get a shiny and healthy kitchen only from the cleaned kitchen utensils, but you need to clean all of the kitchen’s parts. Clean the door and window in your kitchen regularly as well as sweep and mop its floor. It must cleanse since there must be dust and dirt stick to this furniture.

Try to have a new habit by throwing away the unused milk boxes or food cans into the trash bin directly when it is already empty. Keeping them inside your small kitchen will only make it looks dirty and full. If you want to keep it, take only one or two to be reused. Saving a plastic bag in the kitchen may be helpful only if you can use it wisely.

Sponge, hand towel, napkin, and linen also can be the house of germs. It needs your attention to change and wash them. On day four, you can change the sponge to wash the dishes with the new one. Also, wash the hand towel, napkin, and linen also change them with the cleaner ones.

5. Day Five

Day five is the time for you to start organizing the kitchen utensils. Sort it based on the using frequency. You can sort out the pan and other kitchen utensils inside the drawers or storage. Here is the way to keep your small kitchen looks neat and clean.

This day also the time for you to look at your kitchen walls, is it clean enough? If there are stains and looks dirty, you may directly wipe it using the exact cleaning product. After that, you can cover your kitchen wall by installing vinyl, acrylic paints, wallpaper, or natural stones. Accordingly, it will be uncomplicated when you want to clean it.

Day 5 is the last day in your kitchen cleaning checklist. It seems hard to do, but it must finish since the kitchen is part of the house that is getting dirty just like that. Get your stand out and healthier small kitchen by doing the cleaning chores based on this checklist.


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