9 Best Small Kitchen Appliances You Should Have

What will be the point of beautifully-designed kitchens without having useful kitchen appliances? Kitchen appliances will surely make life easier. However, you need to consider the best appliances which are used in your kitchens, especially if your kitchen is quite small. Currently, small appliances may give more conveniences to your kitchens.


1. Microwave

The microwave has been being one of the most favorite kitchen appliances for many people. The main difference between microwaves and conventional ovens is that the microwaves are able to heat your meal in less than half of the time that the conventional ovens require. In terms of durability, microwaves are absolutely more durable than the conventional ovens. Moreover, microwaves are very easy to operate, even for people who are not familiar with them.

2. Slow Cooker

Having very busy days outside the house? This appliance may give you a new experience. Slow cookers are also known as crock pots. Such appliances will be able to simmer your food all day and let you have your home-cooked meal. By having such slow cookers, you may leave the food inside of the appliances and have the food done as you return home.

3. Food Processor

The activities of preparing meals are usually inseparable from the needs of chopping many kinds of vegetables. Such activities will be so burdening when you only have a limited time to prepare the food. Yet, the food processor can provide the solution to the problem!

By using a food processor, you will be able to chop lots of vegetables in a very short time. This appliance is featured by various blade attachment that will let you choose and pick the best type of blade to chop the vegetables.

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4. Blender

Blender is one of the most beloved appliances for many people, especially the ones who like to mix juices, sauces, or even soups. So, what is the difference between a blender and a food processor? The main difference is that the blender will have the less powerful machine than what a food processor has. In addition, a blender also has less-sharp blades than what a food processor has.

All of those features are designed because the main function of a blender is merely for blending or mixing two or more ingredients together. Further, mixing the ingredients with a blender will usually need the addition of ices or liquids.

Best Small Kitchen Appliances

5. Hand Blender

Do you like making milkshakes, mayonnaise, whipped cream, refried beans, or pureed soups? You will certainly need this kind of appliance. Hand blenders are usually known also as stick blenders. In terms of the size, it would be better to choose the hand blenders which are light, compact, and easy to store.

By using such hand blenders, you will not need more time and energy to transfer many ingredients to a conventional blender since you can just mix them in their places. Further, hand blenders are very helpful to make a single-serving milkshake and whip whipped cream only in thirty seconds. Thus, these appliances are surely able to save more times.

Another benefit of hand blenders is that they are easy to clean up as they consist of small parts which are dishwasher-friendly. The different brand of a hand blender will usually feature different attachments. Therefore, it is better to review brands as many as possible before deciding which brand which really fits your needs.

6. Coffee Grinder

Are you a lover of freshly-ground beans? This appliance might be one of the kitchen stuff you should have.  So, a coffee grinder is made up of two revolving abrasive surfaces. Those things are known as burrs. The burrs consist of conical burr grinders and flat burr grinders. Once the beans are placed between those burrs, they will grind your coffee well.

In choosing the best coffee grinder, it would be better to invest in a coffee grinder which has a good motor and warranty as well. Further, you need to choose the coffee grinder which has strong and sturdy burrs. Another tip, it is recommended to choose a coffee grinder which has adjustable grind settings if you like making different styles of coffee.

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7. Coffee Maker

What is better than having a cup of alluring coffee to start a day? Coffee makers have been being one for the coffee until it is ready to be served. The taste of the coffee which is processed through such machines will be different and more special than instant coffee sachets.

If you can choose the best coffee maker, you will have the opportunity to make coffee which tastes as good as pour-over, Aeropress, or even French Press. Furthermore, the newest model of coffee maker has been featured with a programmable auto-start timer. Your mornings will be perfect by having your delicious coffee!

8. Toaster

Having toasted bread for a breakfast can be a good start to boost your energy in the morning. You can easily prepare tour breakfast by using a toaster. However, you should consider many aspects of choosing the best toaster to give the best work as well. In doing so, you can refer to lists of toaster ratings which are easily found in magazines or online articles.

Currently, one of the best toasters is the one which can turn out four slices of bread at once, and the bread is certainly browned. In addition, the most sophisticated toasters nowadays have been featured by the settings for warming, bagels, reheating, and defrosting. You can do many things by merely using one single appliance.

9. Mixer

A mixer has been being a favorite kitchen appliance for the one who likes making cakes. Currently, there are many brands which offer mixers with their own characteristics. It would be better to choose the mixer which can deliver enough power in folding chocolate chips into stiff cookie dough.

In deciding the suitable mixer for a small kitchen, you should choose the mixer which can be separated from its whisk attachment. Further, it would be better to look for the model of the mixer with wire beaters which are easy to clean.

Those are nine small appliances which are worth to have. By having them, you will gain more experiences in the matters of convenience.


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