6 Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas You Should Try

Many people usually imagine having rather spacious and beautifully-designed kitchen rooms. By having such kitchen rooms, they will be more comfortable to spend the time in the kitchens. Yet, you do not to be sad by having rather small kitchens. There are several ways you can try to make the illusion that your kitchens look more spacious.


1. Consider an Open Storage!

Do you have cabinets in your small kitchen? The existence of overhead cabinets in such small kitchens may be very annoying since they can make the kitchen feel really narrow. Moreover, there will not lots of space for a ladder or stool. However, you can make a strategy toward such problems.

The point is that you need to reorganize the cabinets. It would be better to make the top cupboards be an open storage. In the open storage, you can put all kitchen utensils such as a magnetic knife, spice holders, or even pot racks. Organizing those stuff in the open storage will definitely make the kitchen look spacious. Further, it can be one of the ways to show off your beautiful pots, pans, dishes, or artwork.

Small kitchen makeover ideas. Open storage.

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2. Downsize the Appliances!

Having so many things inside tiny kitchens will definitely make your kitchens look so complicated. You need to admit that small kitchens will not be able to accommodate many kitchen appliances or stuff. If you force the kitchens to arrange the stuff so that the kitchens can accommodate such appliances, there will be a high tendency that your cooking activities will be very complicated while you are looking for particular appliances.

So, the crucial thing is that you should remember that the main function of a kitchen is for meal preparation. Therefore, you need to make sure that you only put the important stuff for the meal preparation and ignore unimportant and unrelated stuff.

Then, having rather small kitchens will not be annoying as long as you can make an accurate strategy.  So, you can save more rooms or spaces by using innovative or scaled-down appliances, such as pint-sized microwaves, mini stoves, single sinks, and small freezer or refrigerator. The point is that you need to avoid placing big-sized appliances in your small kitchens.

Furthermore, you can also consider using a counter-topped cart which can be rolled away every time you do not need it.


3. Try to Incorporate Glasses!

One of the ways to make an illusion that your kitchen is more spacious can be done by incorporating glasses. You can consider using a glass-door cabinet, a glass tabletop or counter. By incorporating glasses in the kitchen stuff, you will let the people see through the objects and feel the spaciousness. Thus, it can be a great way to ‘expand’ your small kitchens.

There are some other ways in incorporating glasses. The first one is by using reflective glasses which can give more sparkle to your small kitchens. Another one is by placing mirrors in a particular place so then they can definitely lighten up the look of the small kitchens.


4. Consider the Color Selection!

Many interior designers have asserted that the most important aspect of making small kitchens feel more spacious is in the color selection. Small kitchens will need a combination of rather bright colors. Light colors or pastels with white doses have been being the favorite shades of color for small kitchens.

Such colors will reflect light which draws the eyes upward and makes the illusion that the kitchen looks taller. Moreover, those shades will also make the kitchens look airier. However, using bold colors will be also helpful in such small kitchens. You can consider painting a particular wall or cabinet of your small kitchens by using a bold color while letting the other area with rather light colors.

You may also give a highlight appeal by incorporating furniture with particular bold colors or accents. As an example, you may have cabinets in Porsche red metal color or even a yellow countertop. Another example, you may also consider combining furniture with a white color which is accented in soft orange, or terracotta color. The touch of such bold colors in the small kitchens will perfectly boost your mood in the morning.

Further, you need to consider using kitchen appliances which have the same color as the dominant color of your small kitchens. By using the same-colored appliances, you will be able to give the unifying illusion which can make the small kitchens look more spacious.

Small kitchen makeover ideas white color

5. Mind the Lightning!

Besides considering the color selection, the role of the lightning will also be important in making small kitchens feel more spacious. Yes, small kitchens will need a combination of atmospheric lightning and task. The selection of fluorescent lighting will be able to entail a bluish light. The light then will impact the colorization of the objects and surely will also impact the mood of the room.

It will be better to hang pendant lights which shine appetizing colors in the area of eating. Then, you can try to use more yellowish lightning underneath the upper cabinets. Giving such light in that area will be able to increase the shadowing of the place and give an illusion through the dark and light contrast.

6. Do not Neglect the Floor!

According to some researches, when people are walking into a room, their eyes will directly focus on the floor. That is why considering the design of the floor in small kitchens is also crucial. Linoleum is a favorite and popular color of kitchen floors in almost everywhere. This color is very eye-catching in small spaces. Further, trying to incorporate such a color in your kitchen will not cost so much.

Dealing with small kitchens, you may also consider using an attractive tumbled marble for the floor. The marble will be quite cold and hard underfoot. In addition, the bright color of the marble can make an illusion that the small kitchens are bigger.

Those are six points on small kitchen remodeling ideas. By considering those aspects, your small kitchens will surely look more spacious and comfortable.


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