20 Best Shower Tile Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Small bathrooms don’t have to be so uncomfortable. It can be inviting and calming just as the larger bathrooms with a little touch of tile designs.

Little that you know, careful selection on tiles will transform the entire bathroom look. Check out the following ideas on the tile that you can try on your small bathroom. You can adopt it in your shower bathroom.


1. Bold Graphic

Graphic tiles are great idea to distract and elongate the room visually. The key is to limit the use instead of covering the entire wall and floor. It is too overwhelming. Try to cover the floor and wall up to the sink height. Add the rest with bright finish for a perfect combination.

2. Try Contrast Combination

Contrasting combination is also a good idea to create larger look of your small bathroom. Like in this bathroom, the floor is covered with black tiles while the wall remains simply white and bright, reflecting the light getting in. It looks roomier while it looks stylish too.

Black floor tile bathroom with white wall contrast

Image: abeautifulmess.com

3. The Same Tiles for the Shower Stall

If you already have a perfect combination, you don’t have to change anything. Let’s take this bathroom for an example. It uses the subway tiles for the wall in the usual way, nothing special. Then, it is matched with grey tiles for the floor, in which they use for the shower stall too.

4. Plain White Tiles for the Floor

White always works on a small bathroom. Especially a bathroom with patterned wall, this floor doesn’t only reflect the light. It makes a perfect combination to the pattern so it attracts the eye while it remains in balance.

5. Glossy Wall

Glossy wall is maybe a great addition to your small yet bright bathroom. Try a little different color like grayish green, and get the glossy tiles. Cover the wall with these tiles. It reflects the light and it makes sure your bathroom has spacious look.

Grey glossy shower tile small bathroom ideas

Image: athomeinlove.com

6. Be Fun with Grout Lines

This bathroom looks warm and spacious without too much of work. The wooden floor makes sure it has darker hue for balance while it looks elegant. The subway tiles cover the wall perfectly and its grouts distract the eye and give this bathroom a unique.

Grout Lines small bathroom tile design

Image: thespruce.com

7. Stretch Bone Pattern

You can get fun on tiles for the floor. A design in which the shower stall wears different tiles from the rest of the bathroom is common and it actually distracts the eye from the size of the room. It looks in total balance with the use of stretch bone pattern for the wall tiles. While simple, it is actually big on style.

8. Mosaic Tiles to Add Height

This narrow bathroom has it all with the smart tile combination. While most of the bathroom walls are finished in bright color, it has one of the wall covered with the same tiles the floor uses. It looks fun, stylish, and tall at the same time.

9. Large and Bright on Dark Bathroom

Most small bathrooms tend to be dark due to the limited space or the wainscoting. To reflect more light in the room and give it larger look, add large and bright tiles in it. You can try white, sandy beach, or other similar color.

10. Bright Tiles with Chevron Patterns

There are a few patterns that give depth to your design and elongate the room. One of them is the chevron patterns. Simply lay the tiles as usual, and choose bright colors. It reflects light and it creates visually larger room.

11. Black and White, and a Little Twist

The combination of black and white is always welcomed in every situation. In this design, the floor is covered with hexagon black tiles, which is unique and nice. The wall is done only partway with white subway tiles while the upper wall has a twist from the floral wallpaper.

12. Go Retro with Bubble Pink Tiles

This small and long bathroom looks roomier than before. The owner tries to combine the delight of mid modern appliances with plain white wall and bubblegum pink tiles. The tiles seem to be the focal point of the room while it looks bright and welcoming.

13. Try Blue and Bright Marble

This bathroom looks totally elegant and classy, and no one will notice it is actually small. It has all the keys. The royal blue vanity matches nicely with the floral tiles for the wall. To be consistent with the rest of the detail, the floor has large marble tiles with narrow grouts.

14. Subway Tiles in Diagonal Pattern

This seems like an unusual design but it is totally refreshing. A small bathroom with already bright hues inside doesn’t need anything but distraction to the eyes. These subway tiles are laid in herringbone pattern, which attract the sight of anyone from the floor.

15. Large Hexagon Tiles

A small bathroom can be matched with large tiles as well. The key is to choose the right tiles hues. In this bathroom, the floral wallpaper and pale blue wainscoting look deep with the addition of bright hexagon tiles on the floor.

16. White and White

Everyone knows that white makes a small room looks bigger in an instant. To avoid pale and boring look, try this combination. The wall is covered with white subway tiles as usual. The floor also white tiles, but this time, it gets the black insets that make it different from the wall. Easy and effective.

17. Sleeky Backsplash

Yes your bathroom can use this one too in addition to your kitchen. As in this bathroom, the wall and entire bathroom is complemented with the grey glossy backsplash. To add some height on the room, set it vertically.

Grey glossy backsplash wall tile small bathroom

Image: Francesco Lagnese

18. Mosaic Ombre

This bathroom looks bright, stylish, and seriously marvelous with a little thought on the wall tiles design. While the rest of the floor is using white hues, the wall is covered in ombre blue from the mosaic tiles. Smart.

Mosaic ombre tile bathroom ideas

Image: Johnny Valiant

19. Charm of the Rings

This bathroom looks consistently stylish with the blue tiles for the shower stall. The tiles get the circular patterns on it, which is consistent with the stool outside the stall as well as the Roman shade on the window.

Ring tile wall shower small bathroom design ideas

Image: Karyn M. Millet

20. The Tidal Wave

This bathroom only uses white hues inside to make sure the room gets enough light reflection while it looks spacious at the same time. The tidal wave pattern from the wall tiles only enrich the look and put style in the room.

Tidal wave tile bathroom ideas

Image: Maura Mcevoy

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