19 Rustic Front Porch Décor Ideas for Small House

Rustic décor has been one of most held style in design world. It looks appealing timelessly, while it is totally unpretentious as well. Organic attitude, household goods that are repurposed, and unfinished or reclaimed wood are all we are talking about. Check out these ideas for small house front porch décor.

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1. Wooden Lantern

Let’s start with something small too. A wooden lantern and maybe with antique colonial style will make a decent addition on the porch. To make sure it stands out naturally, set it beside several potted plants. Add a candle inside and you have modest yet romantic lighting.

2. Milk Pail Vase

An old and rustic milk pail is one of the best items you can use here. It has the distinctive and bold color naturally and it makes a solid option for a standing vase. You can add rather high plants here like the sunflower for a pop.

Nice milk pail decor front porches rustic small space ideas

3. Small Wooden Sign

Adopting one of B&B signature decors, we can add a small wooden sign too. It can tells your family name or a simple invitation for the neighbors like “Welcome to Our Proch”. While it adds some colors in the small front porch, it doesn’t need a lot of space.

Small wooden sign front porch decorating ideas

4. Farm Crate to Mount Vase

An old wooden farm crate has the look so it can be added. Let’s hang it on the wall to fill the vacant look. You don’t need to refinish it. Keep it as it is and mount a flower vase on it.

Wooden Farm Crate front porch decor ideas for rustic small porch

5. Wall Mounted Lantern

Old looking lantern is one of the right additional décor in your small front porch. It doesn’t take a lot of space yet it looks lovely. For more twist, add a planter under the lantern and plant small bush on it. It will look totally idyllic.

Rustic lantern light front porch wall mounted

6. Home Sweet Home Sign

This is a common decoration for almost all types and styles of house. For rustic touch, use reclaimed wood and simple white paint to write the words. For a little completion, attach a mason jar on one end so you can grow flower in it.

Home sweet home sign wooden rustic small front porch decor ideas

7. Trolley Garden

If you have an antique or old looking trolley or wheeled counter, you can use it as a mini garden for additional display. Fill the entire layers with potted plants and possibly plant them on old tin or pail for more convincing rustic touch.

Trolley garden wheels for small rustic front porch decoration ideas

8. Flower Hangers and Plantbox

The plantbox alone is already a nice rustic display whenever you use reclaimed wood. While the flower hangers is a timeless touch. For more rustic feeling, use old looking pail, jars, or old miners lantern for the pot. It looks amazing and very farmhouse naturally.

9. Number Plaque

This is an important part of the house and you can use rustic touch on this. Use the monograms and cover it with country bold colors for old school house looking number plaque. Choose one that is large and bold enough so it makes an attractive plaque.

Rustic Number Plaque design ideas

Rustic Number Plaque design ideas

10. Tin Pail Planters

Old tin pails are too precious to throw away. You can transform it into farmhouse looking planters. You don’t need fancy plants too to make it attractive. Leave it as it is and put them in your porch. If you are lack of space, put them on the stairs as liners.

Tin pail planters for small rustic front porch decoration ideas

11. Spool Table

We can use the wooden cable spool for decoration too. Paint it with white or barnwood color for the targeted look. Then, display your collection on old stuffs like lanterns, candles, and plants on both surfaces as you set it vertically. It makes a wonderful focal point.

Spool table front porch rustic decor ideas

12. Ladder Plant Stand

The old ladder’s ladder makes a great item for display too. If you have many potted plants to add in the porch, this ladder makes the best option. Set it on one of the porch corners and put the plants on each level of the ladder.

13. Welcome Sign

Let’s use the reclaimed wood for this again. Instead doing it horizontally, we should prefer on the store style design of being vertical. You don’t even have to hang the sign. You can just lean it on the wall near to your potted plants and other décor items.

Welcome sign front door wood rustic easy diy

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14. Bench Stand

You can display the plants on so many ways. You can fill one of the vacant wall on your small porch with rugged wooden bench. Then to complete the look, set up the plants on the bench. Be fun on the plants height and kinds, and you have a rustic yet playful mini garden.

Wooden bench front porch decoration

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15. Wood and Tin Pail

This combination is a killer combination for a rustic table. Combine them together without changing the overall look. Set is beside your porch rocking chair and a mason jar with plants. It makes and ideal table whenever you are having your morning tea.

Tin Pail Decor Rustic Front Porch

Image: homebnc.com

16. Old Window Welcoming Sign

You can fill your vacant wall of your porch with a welcoming sign. Instead of going as usual, you can consider using the old window frame and attach a small welcome lettering on it. Set it beside your lantern lighting and you have a charming wall display.

Old window welcome sign front doors small porch decoration ideas

17. Wooden Rocking Chair and Basket Planters

This is like the signature items for rustic porch decoration. Set one or a pair of wooden rocking chair on your porch for pleasuring. To frame the front door, put a pair of rattan or wooden basket and add plants on it too.

Wooden rocking chair porch and basket planters decor ideas

18. Wicker Basket and Pinecone

Wicker basket gives you rugged and old look naturally. It makes a decent porch décor just by setting it up on your porch stairs. Fill the basket with pinecones for more depth. If you are up for it, recolor the basket with whitewashed shade for more popping color but it looks fine just as it is.

Wicker basket decor porches with pinecone crafts for rustic decor ideas

19. Haystack Couch

This is a clever idea. Of course, haystack alone couldn’t stand your weight. Therefore, cover your couch with haystack to make it as if it is made of haystack. For even more twist, cover the seat with old blanket and pillows. Now you have the best rustic looking couch in your porch.

Haystack sofa couches for farmhouse front porch decoration ideas

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