15 Small Kitchen Storage Cabinet Ideas

Organizing all the stuffs in your small kitchen can be a bit challenging. Indeed, you need to make some more effort to fix this, and simple tricks. If you need smart ideas to work with your storage and cabinet, here are your answers.

1. Drawers Divider

The best as well as the worst thing about a drawer is that it gives you great space but it isn’t always easy to find stuff. The trick is to add divider inside the drawer so you can group your stuff and get them organized. It is easier to find them and you can keep more as a surprise.

2. Pantry Organizing

Your pantry is always filled with utensils and you don’t have any more room. Actually, you have more rooms if you organize your pantry. Try adding holders on each shelf of your pantry and group your utensils. It gives more room for more stuff while it is easier to find, take out, and store things too.

3. Drawer Under Your Cabinet

Every little space helps in a small kitchen. This is the very reason why your under cabinet area need to be utilized. For the best function and to maximize the space, install drawers on it. It allows you to have more storing space while organizing will be easier with drawers. It takes a little effort and money, but it is worth it.


Image: Familyhandyman.com

4. Cabinet Door Container

You don’t need sophisticated container for this. You can try to attach file holder on the inside of your cabinet door. It gives you the right access for small things like lids. It also solves untidy stacking in your shelf, which is not space wise at all. Add one file holder on each door if it is possible. Make sure it fits alright even if you close the cabinet door.


Image: bhg.com

5. Make Storage for Cutting Board

If you have several sizes of cutting board, storing them without eating too much space will be challenging. The solution is to nail a wire frame holder, similar to the previous idea. Add several zip ties on the bottom so your boards will not slipping down. If you place it low enough, storing even the biggest and tallest cutting board won’t be a problem.

6. Hanging Fruit Basket

Maybe if you find the perfect storage for your fruit, you can keep other products inside the fridge and clear of some surface on your kitchen. Get a wooden board, and attach it on the wall in any position you like best. Then get several fruit basket, with decorative look if possible, and store your fruits there. It changes the look of your kitchen as well.


Image: Trim Healthy Mama

7. Chalkboard Door

This is a creative idea to store your measuring cups and spoons. It is easy to make too. Simply paint the inside of your cabinet door with chalkboard paint. Then, add several hooks and add the signs so you which spoon for which measurement. The bulky cups don’t have to eat too much space in awkward shape yet you have fast access for measurement.

8. Glass and Mug Holder

Glass and mug have awkward shape. It is always hard to store them in tidy way. There is always some space left, in which we can actually store more stuff but can’t. Check out and see if you have a vacant wall. If you do, attach a rack on the wall and hang the glass and mug there. Now you can store other things in the cabinet while you have easy but safe access to those glass and mug.


9. Snacks and Essentials Shelves

If you feel like you use too much of your counter surface, it is probably because you clutter the snacks and essentials for easy reach. In alternative to this situation, build wall mounted shelves and arrange your mason jars of snacks and essentials there. It frees some space while it looks attractive too.

10. Fill the Cabinets Gap

There are often gaps between the cabinet. This space shouldn’t be left unused. The solution is a pull out cabinet on each gap. This kind of cabinet provides the same easy access on utensils while it adds storage space nicely. Hire a pro if you can’t make it by yourself.

11. Lid Hooks

This is actually another hack on how to store your pan lids. Their shape isn’t flat, so it is tricky to store them in the cabinet shelves. You can try adding strong adhesive hooks on the back of your cabinet door. Set the hooks on eight o’clock and four o’clock position for each lid. Now you can store the lids and access it fast.

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12. Roll the Bags

One of the many of awkward shaped stuffs in the kitchen is the garbage bags. To get them easier and faster, you only need to attach curtain rods and the holders on the side of the cabinet. Buy the garbage bags in rolls and store them on the rods. It no longer use the bottom space of the cabinet, and you can reach it fast.

13. Hang the Squirt Bottle

Cleaning product bottles are often in awkward shapes as well, especially the squirts one. It is often impossible to maximize the space and store more things due to this issue. The solution is to install rods a little lower to the shelves top. It allows you to hang awkward bottles and insert even more stuffs on the empty space.

14. Baskets of Essentials

Gather your most used essentials in the kitchen and separate them into groups. Get each group a kind of container like cups, jars, and other kinds. Then, get a large enough basket that can contain them all. Congrats. You free up some space in the cupboard and on the counter.

15. You Need Door Attachment

The backside of the cabinet doors makes valuable space for storage too. You can attach a simple rack on it, and keep several food necessities in it. It allows you to get it faster without the need to search for it between the clutter in the shelves

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