15 Small Kitchen and Living Room Ideas to Clone

The following ideas for your small kitchen and living room are great to consider and try. You may not have the luxury of spacious room but there are things you can do to maximize it. You probably can’t have the kitchen island, or make the living room a sociable place. However, it doesn’t mean the rooms need to be drab. Check out these ideas for an instance.



A. Ideas for Your Small Kitchen

Small kitchen still can look well proportioned if you place things as how you work on it. For instance, the following ideas will help:

1. You Need Floor to Ceiling Cabinet

If you don’t have the wide because of the limited space, it is always wise to install high cabinetry. It allows you to have enough storage even though your kitchen is small enough for so.


Floor to ceiling kitchen cabinets rustic

2. Make It Neat

Adding several cupboards in your kitchen is always wise. It keeps the clutters well stored so you have an organized kitchen with more surfaces to work on. Choose cupboards with smooth design and without handle if possible. Don’t worry, there are cupboards without handle that looks stylish while it is effective too.

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Small kitchen cupboard design ideas without handle

3. Consider Adding Workstation

Not every kitchen has the luxury of space for an island. However, you can always use a smaller and compact workstation. The surface is great for an alternative while the drawers and shelves under it are great for even more storage.

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Small kitchen work island

4. Portable Storage

Trolley is one of the examples on this category. You can use the drawers and shelves on it to put your cooking book, pots and pans, and more. Meanwhile, it serves as cooking surface, food and beverages trolley when you need it. Tuck it away when you don’t use the trolley.

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Trolley Portable Storage for small kitchen much spacious

5. Simple Kitchen Scheme

You need to make your kitchen seems larger for more spacious feeling. The best way to do this is by using contemporary and sleek design for the entire set. In addition to it, you also need colors and material like white, reflecting, and frosted glass. For the last touch, make sure it has more than enough light too.

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Contemporary small kitchen design

6. You Need Open Shelves

Above the work surface, cabinet can be too crowded. You still need the storage space though. The solution to this situation is open shelving. It allows you store more things, yet it is not as crowded as the cabinet. In addition to it, it is easier and faster for you to reach thing with it.

Small kitchen open shelves ideas

7. Every Corner is Possible Storage

Don’t let any space in the corner wasted. There are several alternatives that you can consider. Alcoves will do while other alternatives are great too. Consider your need and available space while choosing. Try racks over a door, hooks on the cupboards sides, magnetic board for the knives, and tools rail.

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Rustic small kitchen alcove ideas

8. You Need Super Size Sink

You obviously don’t have the space for dish washer. Therefore, you are going to need to supersize your kitchen sink. Take the double bowl sink. You need one to put your dirty dishes so they are hidden until you can wash them. You need another one for washing. Choose simple and silk design so it doesn’t look bulky.

Big sink kitchen farmhouse double bowl

B. Ideas for Your Living Room

A small living room still has the potential to be warm and inviting. You obviously need this space for socializing especially when you have the entire family or guests at home. Consider the following ideas to maximize the room.

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9. Modernize with the Original Features

You can make spacious feeling on your small living room by modernizing the look. Consider infusing modern and contemporary design with the paint and the furniture. Meanwhile, you can have the original features. It will look fresh with the new look and a small space can look bigger depending on your design.

Modern and contemporary living room natural paint wood furniture

10. Use the Under Stair Space

Your space is already limited so don’t leave any space unused. Even the under stairs space is a potential corner to work on. You can install custom made book shelves for example to create cozy reading nook. In addition to it, you can add sofa and more to make it a part of your living room.

Under stairs living room ideas

11. Furnishing with Full Character Distract the Eyes

Your living room can be small but it doesn’t have to be characterless or bare. Instead, enrich on the furnishing. You don’t need more items, but you need better things. For example, a fireplace will look great with leather armchair near to it. Add more loved items in the house you can find. Such scheme distracts the eyes that no one realizes your living room is small.

Mid century modern living room furniture

12. Choose White and Warm It Up

White is a great color when you try to make a small room seems bigger. However, you need to warm it up for a living room. For example, black leather sofa will look great in it with read tribal rug. Hang a red schemed artwork on the empty wall while you keep the room in two colors at most for simplicity.


White small living room modern

13. Set the Lighting Right

While natural light needs to get in, make sure you think about the indoor lighting as well. You don’t need too much furnishing arrangement to make a living room, especially with so limited space. Instead, mark the living room area with area lighting. Hang a pendant lighting above a round table. Surround the table with chairs and sofa and you have the living room.


Pendant lighting living room hanging

14. Vertical Decoration

When your floor space is limited, you can consider decorating the room vertically. For example, you can add geometric wallpaper on a column of your white blank wall for accent and to direct the eye upward. Choose color that is consistent with the rest of your palette.

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Small living room wallpaper ideas

15. Multi Functional Furniture Rules!

Yes, you need a couple of this in your small living room. For example, you can use ottoman for additional seating and make sure it has storage under it. Sofa with drawers will be great to add as well while coffee table with storage also allows you to keep the room neat.

Multifunctional furniture small spaces living room

C. Small Kitchen and Living Room Combo Ideas

Combining the kitchen and living room requires caution. Arrangement that is not good, will disrupt the atmosphere of the two areas. Here are some small kitchen and living room combo design ideas for you.

Small kitchen and living room combo open one wall

Small kitchen and living room combo open one wall

Small kitchen living room combo design ideas

Small kitchen living room combo design ideas


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