15 Most Popular Shipping Container Home Design

Home that is made of shipping container is maybe a nice green thumb action. Yet, it was often unlike what we imagined. Most often, these houses are okay if not ugly. Luckily, there are brilliant designers, architect, and passionate people who successfully built container home with dreamy designs. Check these out!

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1. Zigloo Domestic Shipping Container in Canada

This house was designed and built by Keith Dewey. While it offers charming look and beautiful interior, it is also considered pioneer container home in the country. This nice and warm dwelling needs 20 feet containers and it takes eight of it to create the 1,920 feet square home. This house is maybe the reason of the other shipping containers emerging later.

Kitchen shipping container design by Zigloo domestic Canada

Kitchen shipping container design by Zigloo domestic Canada

2. Shipping Container Complex with Waterfront Resort in Scotland

These houses are maybe the most unique rental resorts in the world. Built on the deck and facing the lake, the waterfront resort looks original and nice despite the fact that it was built of shipping containers. Nice interior and six rentable house in a row, the resort was built by Edo Architect and it is Cove Park, Scotland today.

3. The Port-A-Bach

This is actually a tiny home and it was built by Atelierworkshop as a portable piece. The house can accommodate up to four adults with the bunk beds and a foldable double bed. Unfold the deck and you are ready to enjoy the outdoor without leaving the comfort. This house was built back in 2007 yet it remains popular and inspiring until today.

Port a Bach Shipping Container Home Design Ideas

Port a Bach Shipping Container Home Design Ideas. Image: atelierworkshop.com

4. Redondo Beach House in LA

When we look at this house, we know this is a nice and inviting house. In addition to the fact that it is located so close to the beach just north of LA, it combines shipping containers as well as conventional house materials. The containers are prefabricated, but the magic hands of Logical Homes and DeMaria Design did wonderful job in this.

5. Six Oaks House in California

David Fenster created this house for a local family in California. The house is located in Santa Cruz Mountain on top of an old railway. In addition to using darker containers colors for the project, he provides surprising posh interior inside. The 1,200 square feet house is meant as a retreat house of the owner with escape route on the railway.

6. The Savanah Woods House in Georgia

There is a young couple who live in Savanah, Georgia. They always wanted a house made of containers so they hired Price Street Projects to build one for them. It looks not much on the outside, but it is totally a modern and nice dwelling inside. The house is maybe tiny but it talks about big talent on the design.

7. Stacked Container House in Spain

This amazing house still looks incredible even though it was built back in 2010. The masterpiece is the result of the cold talented hands from Infinski and James & Mau Arquitectura. This house is located in El Tiemblo, Spain and it uses 40 feet containers. It takes four of them to build the 2,000 square feet house.

Stacked Shipping Container House Design Ideas Spain

Image: hiconsumption.com

8. Guest Bedroom and Office in San Fransisco

This project wasn’t exactly the entire house, but it is what makes the home a real statement actually. On top of existing living room, the house owner Claudia Sagan and Jeff Wardell made a guest bedroom and a home office. The San Fransisco loft looks totally amazing while both new rooms serve wonderfully.

9. The Mojave Desert First Container House

Yes, this is the first one in the area. The house was built out of engineered steel and six shipping containers. It looks fresh around the environment while it looks totally modern and elegant on the inside. The house is 2,300 square feet and it is completed with one bedroom and 1.5 bathroom. EcoTech Design made and built it.

10. Guest House in Texas

This guesthouse is 360 square feet and it has a study area, a living room, and a bedroom. It is in compact size which is perfect for a guest house. It has a deck patio to enjoy the outdoor while it is very inviting with the modern interior as well. The project was initiated by the house owner who hired Poteet Architect to build it.

11. Rainbow House in Sao Paulo

This isn’t actually the entire house as well, but it makes the house richer than ever. The house is owned by a renowned architect named Marcio Kogan. Instead of finishing the house, he integrated huge shipping containers in multiple colors along his living room. It looks open and fresh while it is actually very creative.

12. The Maison Container Life

The house was designed by an architect from French named Patrick Partouche. It takes eight containers to build the 2,238 square feet house. The outside is charming with red is domination the exterior. The interior is modern and spacious. The fun fact is it takes only three days to build it with the help of the cranes.

13. The Six Unit House

It is about a single house that uses six different containers to build. The project was actually student project and it takes around two years to design and finish it. The exterior shows criss-cross design which is attractive and fun. The interior is modern with industrial finish, and concrete floor and red brick stairs. It has all you want for a house.

14. Container House in Colorado

When we look at this house, we may think that it is made of wood panels. This house is unique. The Studio H:T only adds two shipping containers on an existing house instead of building the entire new one. The house has it all from passive cooling to solar panels. Located in Nederland, Colorado, this house looks amazing inside and out.

15. Containers of Hope

The house uses two shipping containers that are 40 feet long. It looks amazing and modern on the outside, unlike usual shipping containers. Benjamin Garcia Saxe even adds modern interior to complete the exterior look. The San Jose, Costa Rica house takes only $40,000 to finish. 

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