12 Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas on a Budget

Getting a new look on your kitchen is maybe a great idea, especially in an old kitchen. If you are tight on money right now, you need special ideas of remodeling. If you need some inspirations, you should check out the following ideas. They are cheap as well as easy to do.

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1. Paint the Kitchen Cabinets

Purchasing a new set of kitchen cabinet is a fabulous idea but it can be very expensive. In alternative to getting a new one, you can give a new face to it. Check if your cabinet is fit enough. Fix small problems if there is any.


Then, choose your color for the cabinet. Remove the old paint and then apply the paint on the cabinet. It changes the kitchen look in an instant.

Small kitchen remodel painted cabinets on a budget

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2. Add Small Breakfast Area

There is a half length wall between the kitchen and the next room usually. Instead of leaving it as it is right now, you can modify it a little and change the kitchen look. Build a small table by adding floating table with support on the wall. Hinge it well. Then, add small chairs.

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Now you have a new breakfast area that makes the kitchen looks new and different. While it is spectacular, it is cheap as well.

Floating dining table small kitchen remodel ideas

3. Add Lights

Sometimes, a kitchen looks gloomy because it doesn’t get enough lighting on each part of it. Adding lighting can be expensive if you need to plant new cords and more. In alternative, you can add lighting under the cabinet or above your kitchen island.

This simple addition doesn’t have to be expensive. Yet, it gives a great change to your kitchen. You can work on each part each time and enjoy the gradual changes in the room and your productivity.


Small kitchen lighting ideas islands Black Forged Iron Pendants

4. Replace the Cabinet Hardware

It is no longer a secret that replacing the cabinet hardware, instead of the entire cabinet, is a smart way to give it a facelift. The cabinet will look a little different and it often helps in aligning the color theme.

The best part of it is this is inexpensive. You will be able to find alternative hardware in the same size. Therefore, you don’t need to re-drill the cabinet to attach the new ones.

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Small kitchen cabinet hardware remodel

5. New Pots Hanger

Pots hanger is a great way to improve your kitchen. First, it organizes your entire utensils nicely while allowing them to being visible and reachable. Second, it gives neat and tidy look which you’ll be thankful for.

The best way for this is to hang the hanger from the ceiling. It clears off some space while it looks very nice and upgraded. In addition to it, it is cheap to make and to add.

Add new pots hanger kitchen for remodel on a budget

6. Add Your Other Furniture

This is one of the smartest remodels that don’t cost a lot. You can add your furniture from the other room, like a side table, to complete the kitchen. You can incorporate it with the kitchen island or other things.

While it costs only a small effort to move it, it looks like you actually upgrade the kitchen especially if the furniture piece is large enough. If you are up to it, give it a consistent finish on the surface.

Small kitchen remodel ideas on a budget with adding butcher blocks, countertops, kitchen islands

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7. Change the Water Faucet

This can be the remodel you are looking for. It is important to update the faucet after awhile. It keeps you clean, healthy, and productive. Meanwhile, the new stylish look can bring a new fresh air in the kitchen.

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You don’t need to call a plumber to replace it. Being inexpensive, you should turn of the valve so the water stops. Then, follow the installation instruction which is always very simple. Voila! Your kitchen looks fresh.

Small kitchen water faucet remodel ideas

8. Use the Wall

If you still have enough space on the wall, you should consider using it. There are many alternative for this. You can hang pictures or photos. You can also add floating shelves that have hooks under it.

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These shelves can store your antique plates and cups, so it makes good organizer and décor display. Meanwhile, the rails and hooks allow you to store the entire kitchen gadgets. Your kitchen looks alive and well designed in an instant.

Small kitchen wall remodel ideas

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9. Different Countertops

Most kitchens use consistent color of countertop. This is elegant while it can look boring as well. Recently, many designers suggest home owner to try to mix and match their kitchen countertop. You can use concrete for the most part for example.

Then, maybe you can replace the kitchen island surface with wood. While it gives you a proper surface to work on, it looks fresh and fun. Be playful in mix-matching the materials.

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Countertops remodel ideas for small kitchen on a budget

10. Customize Your Storage

Many people end up needing more storage space while they actually have enough cabinets in the kitchen. The problem is they need to customize the storage a little. This is surprisingly inexpensive project.

You can purchase rails, hooks, liners, and more to enrich the cabinet. Design it carefully so it accommodates your kitchen gadgets well. You’ll soon realize you have more than enough cabinets to store more.

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Cabinet storage small kitchen ideas

11. New Sliding Door for the Pantry

Most kitchens have an open pantry shelves. This is a great idea to store your items while making sure it is visible all the time. The downside is it gets dusty all the time. This is why adding a pantry door is a good idea.

To make it more stylish and unusual, you can use sliding door instead. Barn door is a great looking door as well and making it sliding is perfect. It helps in making a good storage while it actually makes a great décor at the same time.

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Sliding door pantry makeover small kitchen ideas

12. Repaint the Vacant Wall

It is highly recommended to have a contrastive wall in a room. It gives it a fun twist everyone will appreciate. It is recommended to repaint the vacant wall to give it the best effect, for example the wall near to the breakfast area.

If you are up for it you can use chalkboard paint that allows you and your kids to write and draw on it. Fun!

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Wall painting ideas for remodel small kitchen on a budget

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