12 Romantic Master Bedroom Décor Ideas for Small Space

Adding a romantic touch in a bedroom is a great idea to create inviting and intimate feeling inside the room. However, you may feel the hesitation because your bedroom is small. The good news is you don’t need large space to add romantic décor in your bedroom. Check out the following ideas for some inspiration.

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1. Make It Elegant

Before adding any item in the bedroom, think about upmost elegance in your mind. You can modify your bed with hammered metal. The wall should be covered with elegant wallpaper like chinoiserie in silver theme.

Combine the color with cream color, to make it soft and balance without sinking the elegance. Use sheers on the windows and choose romantic design on smaller details. The room will be cocooning and inviting while it looks like a total class.

Romantic small master bedroom cozy elegant

2. Try Subtle Pink

Pink is often associated with comfortable feeling that encourages romance. Adding subtle pink in your bedroom should be a great way to add romantic feeling. You can try lining the lampshades with pink, and add a pair of pink sheet for the pillow.

Then, combine it with other colors including cream and white. It allows you to get the romantic touch while staying modern and classy. Keep in balance and don’t add too much if you don’t want it to be cheesy.

Pink master bedroom romantic headboards

3. Try Lavender, Navy, and Turquoise

Recently, the combination of these colors is highly suggested if you need to reach romantic or feminine feeling. It depends on how you set it up actually. For romantic look, you can use turquoise for base color. It is bright enough to create bigger room impression.

Then, add the smaller details in combination of the three colors. If you don’t want to use lavender color, you can use lavender flowers for décor instead. It will look great on your nightstand.

Romantic combination lavender, navy, and turquoise master bedroom colour schemes

4. Add A Small Pink on Modern Color

The best thing about modern colors, like gray, cream, and white, is they create brighter look, and bigger impression in a room. They give light and vibrant feeling in your bedroom. Unfortunately, they are never about romantic atmosphere.

Now, for the romantic touch, add one piece that is in hot pink like one of the bolsters. It gives streaking change in your bedroom interior look. While it stays modern and vibrant, it has a romantic lurking feeling that invites you in.

Modern pink bedroom decor ideas

5. Get a Venetian Headboard

You may not need too much of things to create a romantic feeling in the bedroom. Several things are naturally romantic since the beginning, like the Venetian headboard. It has the best and enough curves for being dramatic.

You can choose one that has cut velvet details to make it looks like an iron work. Don’t be afraid to go bold on the color because it won’t change the romantic look. If you want to, play on smaller details like blanket and ottoman to match it.

Venetian headboard master bedrooms romantic design ideas

6. Make It Glam

It isn’t easy to assemble several details into glamorous looking bedroom. You can try with red velvet bed and headboard. It instantly gives a sexy feeling, which is probably bolder if you want it romantic. To soften it a little bit, combine with modern colors like white, black, and cream on other details.

Patterned rug will be perfect under the bed, while cream sheer behind white curtain will make it dramatic and romantic at the same time.

Red velvet bedroom decorating ideas

7. Bed with Four Posters

If you plan to build a new bedroom and you want a romantic touch, you should consider using four posters bed instead of the others. You almost don’t need other details as this bed is already romantic as it is.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to use the canopy if you don’t want it. It looks just as romantic anyway. If your ceiling is sloped or it isn’t high enough, omit the canopy. It’ll be fine.

Four posters bedroom romantic design ideas

8. Work on Romantic Details

This is the most suggested strategy by designer. You don’t need to make over the entire bedroom. You only need to change or add several small details. For example, you should consider hanging Florentine Baroque style mirror on your wall.

For best romantic effect, pair with cashmere bed sheet in cream. Venetian style furniture items can be integrated too if you are up for it. However, you can leave the room in modern and minimalist looking palette.

Cashmere blanket luxury products for romantic bedroom decorating ideas

9. Make It Glow Rosy

Try a new color palette for your bedroom. If you don’t mind with being feminine, you should consider glowing rosy for the new palette. Instead of being too intense, this palette is great yet romantic.

Consider using tan draperies, red lantern, rosy sheer on the windows, and similar setup for the other details. Everything will glow rosy even though it is actually not. It gives you romantic feeling without being too heavy. It’s perfect for modern option.

Romantic bedroom red color palettes

10. Modern Fairy Tale Bedroom

Let’s try modern version of romantic that doesn’t alienate even man. You can try wallpaper finished in modern color like cream or brown with more romantic pattern like oversized lily to avoid too chic feeling.

Green velvet bed, French canopy chair, gray carpet for the entire room, and bright white sheet for the bed. It looks like a Marie Antoinette bedroom without the heavy details. It looks romantic and still comfortable for the boys.

Modern romantic bedroom grey fairy tale Marie Antoinette style

11. Soft Bedroom

Sometimes, you don’t even need to add romantic details to make a bedroom romantic. If you have a four posters bed, you only need to add curtains on it. Even bright white curtains or draperies will look great and romantic on it.

You can cover the sofa in light pink, for example, and it will change the room atmosphere. Pair it with softer color like cream and balance it with bolder color like black. It creates modern bedroom without forgetting the romantic touch.

Soft bedroom aesthetic with four posters master bedroom decor ideas

12. Antique Items

If you already have a bedroom, you only need to add several antique items to make it looks romantic. You can change your headboard into an antique one. Then, you can also add a chair and table with antique style for reading.

Antique paintings, nightstands, and ottoman will instantly add romantic feeling in the bedroom. Choose to enrich your wall instead of your floor first so you still have enough and spacious room in your bedroom.

Antique master bedroom furniture

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