12 DIY Home Décor on a Budget Bedroom Small Space

Adding decoration on your bedroom with a small space can be tricky. It is mainly because what to put where. Things can be even more complicated with you being on a budget. One of the best ways is to work on the available space with DIY decoration items. Adopt these DIY décor ideas to complete your project.



1. Ceiling Hung Bedside Table

You only need to pay attention on two things here. First, use a solid reclaimed wood for the material. It makes a steady surface that is perfect for almost much stuff on top of it. The size should be up to you. Consider the space available when deciding.

Second, you need to bolt it right so it stays steady with heavier things on it. Wall scones are great option for this. The space below it is now available for hamper.

Ceiling hanging bedside table diy for bedroom decor small space ideas

Image: decoratorsnotebook.co.uk

2. Window Plants Shelves

A bedroom can always use some plants inside. It makes a great decoration while it keeps the room healthier. When you start to get one, you’ll soon collect more. To save some space, you should consider using shelves.

To make it easier for them to get direct sunlight, you can build your own shelves in front of the window. While it blocks looks from the outside, it gives you a nice sight from the inside.

Window plant shelf diy hanging for bedroom small spaces decoration ideas

3. Mounted Hanging Rack

If you are tight on space yet you don’t know where to hang the coat or shirt you want to wear again tonight, build a mounted rack. You can choose the position on one of the bedroom walls. Build a rack that can be fold in and out and make sure you have bars on it to hang multiple items at once.

Many people already like this idea and it costs only around $30 to make it.

Folding hanging rack space saving bedroom decor ideas

4. Remove Your Chair, Use Ottoman with Storage

This is no longer a new idea but it still works well until today. It is always a good idea to have hidden space to store things. It keeps the room tidier and it allows you to have some more space.

Instead of using a chair, you should consider using an ottoman. It gives you a comfortable and stylish seat while you can use the space inside as storage. Say goodbye to clutters on the floor.

Ottoman storage bedroom benches small spaces

5. Hanging Laundry Hamper

A small bedroom shouldn’t have too many things on the floor. It makes the room seems smaller. You should consider replacing your laundry basket in the room. Instead of using basket, you can use hamper.

This time, use an embroidery hoop on the hamper and you will be able to hang it behind your door. It reduces the space taken on your room and it looks tidier inside. You’ll be surprised on how cheap it is to make this.

Hanging Laundry Hamper ideas small spaces

6. DIY Floating Shelves

The key of a small bedroom is how you manage things, where to put what. It is always wise to keep most things off the floor for more spacious feeling. If you have much stuff and you need shelves, consider using floating shelves instead.

You can make your own floating shelves using reclaimed wood, and some nails. It organizes your stuffs without making it invisible and hard to find. It gives more space while it adds more life in your décor.

DIY Floating Shelves bedroom small spaces

7. DIY Mirror

Mirror is what you need especially for a small bedroom. Mirror makes a room feels larger than it is, so adding a big one should be wise. However, you shouldn’t use the entire wall and add as large mirror as it is.

Instead, use a full length mirror and make your own frame using reclaimed wood for example. Lay it on the floor this time, and your room will seem bigger. Surprisingly, this project is cheaper than you think.

Rustic DIY mirror bedroom decor small space

8. Make Small Vanity

Even though you have a small bedroom, you deserve a real vanity. You don’t need to do your makeup in front of the bathroom sink. In alternative, make your own hanging shelf. It doesn’t have to be wide but it needs to be a little long to accommodate your stuff. Add a chair in front of it and hang a mirror.

Now, you have your own small vanity without eating too much space on your room.

Small Vanity ideas bedroom floating shelves

9. Craft a Vertical Office Organizer

In a small bedroom, you are going to need a small office table as well. Meanwhile, you may have many small things to be available on the table too. It creates too many clutters while the table space can be used for something else.

To keep it tidy and to make room on the table, you can create a vertical organizer and put it on the table. Take enough time to design it right so you can accommodate everything.

Wooden craft rustic office organizing diy

10. Floating Book Shelves

There is nothing like reading a book quietly in your room on the day off. However, book shelves can eat a lot of space, especially if you are an avid reader. If your bedroom isn’t so big, it is best to use floating bookshelves instead.

Make your own shelves using any material you can find, like reclaimed wood. Old dresser drawers are also great. Choose the best position so you can reach it yet it isn’t low enough. You will love how it looks as well.

Floating book shelves bedroom small spaces

11. Hanging Fruit Basket

Even though these baskets are common in the kitchen, it isn’t a sin to use it in the bedroom as well. Instead of using only one basket, you should use two or three baskets. Use wire to make vertical set of the baskets.

Here, you can put your socks, hats, bandanas, little dolls, and other things. While it organizes things well, you will also enjoy how easy it is to store and find things. The colors of your stuff will fill the décor side.

Fruit basket decor ideas diy for bedroom space saving

12. Vertical Pegboard

A vertical pegboard is a great way to store small things like your jewelry and keys. Mount it on the wall vertically and you have enough storage for more without using too much space. There are more ways to make it interesting too.

Instead of hanging only your things, you can also hang pictures and photos. For best look, place it behind your nightstand and it will look superb.

Bedroom pegboard organization space saving decor ideas

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