Best 12 Bohemian Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

Bohemian bedroom ideas is about worldy decoration, billowing fabrics, variations of textures, and combinations of prints and colors. These are great for a bedroom but small bedrooms will take a little trick. If you adore this eclectic style but you have only small rooms, you should consider adopting the following bohemian bedroom ideas.


1. Ladder and Candles

The candles are the perfect addition you need on your small bedroom. It intensifies the romantic and bohemian feeling while the small space makes it even more intimate looking on the inside. Leave them there when you don’t light them as decoration items.

Bohemian bedroom candles decor ideas for small space

Meanwhile, you may need a ladder in the corner or beside your wooden bed. Paint it with consisten color you use in the bedroom. This can be a eclectic decoration while it is actually functional. If you must, add hanging plants for window dressing.

Bohemian bedroom ladder decor ideas
Bohemian bedroom ideas

2. Bohemian Bedroom Ideas with Shag Rugs

Shag rug is probably what you need to make a bohemian bedroom ideas while giving a bigger impression on your small room. Choose a shag rug with eclectic color and size that enough for your bed base.

Put it under your bed as base to give the impression of sectional rooms without actually making it. Patterned rug will make a perfect choice to give it more taste. Feel free to place more thins on the rug near your bed feet for accent.

Shag rug bohemian bedroom decor ideas for small space
Bohemian bedroom ideas. Image:

3. Gray Boho Bedroom

It is no sin to use modern color like gray for your bohemian bedroom. Actually, you should use it as it gives the small room a more carefree touch. Accompanying your bohemian tapestries and decorations, gray can be used on your bed sheet and linens.

It encourages the bohemian details while being neutral, and it gives bigger impression on a small space. This is exactly what you need when it comes to maximizing small bohemian bedroom.

Gray boho bedroom paint colors

4. Go Simple and White

A small bedroom will look bigger in bright color like white. You only need to use white bed sheet, white bed canopy linen, and combine it with neutral elements like rattan basket, green leaves, and other neutral colored things.

Go for linens and bed sheet with boho details for the right feeling, and don’t go for a tidy room. If you allow the sunlight through the window, this will make a dazzling bedroom with simple and easy to make bohemian style.

White boho bedroom bohemian inspiration minimalist

5. Billowing Linen Bohemian Bedroom

Instead of filling your bedroom floor and taking even more of the limited space, you can consider hanging fabrics on the ceiling. You can go wild and hang on every inch of the room. Choose simple colored fabric with bohemian style for effective outcome.

The billowing fabrics give a free spirited feeling, intensifies the room quality and atmosphere, and distracting the eye focus above more than under. It is a perfect bohemian room that doesn’t feel too much.

Modern bohemian bedroom decor interiors

6. Sunlight and Small Petals

Sunlight is like best friend for a small bedroom. In addition to giving the best lighting throughout the day, its brightness gives a touch of lightness and bigger impression to the room. To avoid pale and too bright look, gipsy touch will be vibrant.

Bed sheet and linens with small flowers pattern will complete the brightness. It looks romantic and it is very close to boho style if not the same. You get the bohemian style without too much effort.

Bohemian bedroom gypsy decorating ideas with sunlight and small petals

7. Bedroom with Textured Ceiling

The key to give bigger impression to a small bedroom is by directing the eyesight upward. This idea is perfect to make the above side as the main attention. Textured ceiling is very bohemian while you don’t need it to be too much or complicated in design.

It will make a full circle boho style by adding rugs on bold color like blue or green. If you like it simple, choose single colored rug and modest design for the ceiling texture. You don’t even need to refinish the ceiling in multi colors setup.

Bohemian ceiling design ideas for small bedroom

8. Morrocan Bedroom

While they actually refer to different style, they have too many similarities at the same time. If you want a Bohemian bedroom and you like Morrocan style, this bedroom is a great way to go.

You need to work on details like your blanket, rug, and wall decors. The rests should be great enough on simple and modest finish.

Bohemian moroccan bedroom decor ideas

9. Hot Pink

Boho style is close to bolder colors. The key is to never afraid to combine them. If you are feeling chic and modern at the same time, your boho bedroom is possible by using hot pink as the main palette for the room.

If you need it to be lighter, you can add orange, yellow, soft green, and other brighter color on smaller details. Do the contrary if you want it to be thick. With enough sunlight, this bedroom will look bigger and stunning.

Pink bohemian bedroom boho chic decor ideas

10. Bedroom with Mix Prints

The best thing about working on your bedroom interior today is that all styles are possible even with modern prints. For the best boho look, you should consider using many different prints on it.

The idea is to work on the bed linens, rugs, curtains, wall decors, and table cloths. Use different print for each of them and see how you create boho look effortlessly.

Colorful bohemian bedroom decor ideas for small spaces

11. Boho Bedroom with Chandelier

There is nothing more effective in creating bigger look in a small bedroom than drawing attention up. In this case, bohemian style suggests you to use antique chandelier.

It doesn’t have to be all functional, even though it will be best though. It needs to look worldly and it should be able to catch attention.

Interesting bohemian chandelier bedroom decor ideas

12. Vintage Photos in Bedrooms

While most bedrooms don’t hang too many photos, bohemian bedroom is otherwise. Choose a wall and apply bold color on it. Navy blue is an excellent example.

Then, hang many vintage photos with eclectic frames on it. You’ll be surprised on how boho your bedroom looks in an instance. It doesn’t take much floor space so your room won’t look small. It takes effort but it is worth it.

Vintage photo frame wall design ideas for bohemian bedroom decor

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