11 Ideas of Kitchen Table for Small Spaces

If your kitchen leaves only a small footage to fill, it can be problematic. It is tricky to choose a kitchen table with such small space especially considering that a kitchen table will be a dining table as well on several occasions. Here are several tables that will fit our need without compromising the style.

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1. Folding Console

This table is more a console than anything else. It is tall enough for being a dining table so it fits for the function. In normal, this is a console that should function as a small kitchen table. You can prepare dish on it, but not for cooking a large basis.

Whenever you need wider space, or if you serve up to 12 people for dinner, you can fold out the wings. Add several chairs and you already have a decent dining table.

Kitchen folding table space saving interesting design ideas to build your own

2. Extendable Dining Table

This table is actually new on the field and is considered revolutionary and very helping. The common design is simple enough. It is like an accordion in which you can extend the table to the sides.

While it is a compact kitchen table, it can seat more people for a dinner party nicely. When you are done, you can fold it back so you have more rooms to breathe. Choose one that comes with fitting style for you.

Extendable dining table space saving for small kitchen

3. Round Dining Table

Round table is a perfect choice for a small space. Choose one that isn’t too large for your room. A round table that seats two people is usually the smallest, and it actually seats nicely too. So this can be your choice.

The key of using it is by pushing it on the corner when you don’t need it for larger dinner party. It fits any room and any house when we talk about the design but the oak is the best looking. Just make sure to prepare two chairs near it when you need it for dining instead of cooking.

Round dining table farmhouse shabby chic for small kitchen

4. High Top Dining Table

This is a popular breakfast table for two. It has square surface and it is commonly high enough with two stools to complete it. This table is a perfect kitchen table for a small space. The surface is wide enough for kitchen duty while it makes decent table for dining too.

The best part of this table is similar to the round table. It fits great in the corner of the kitchen and it can seat two more people for being square.

High top kitchen table small space saving ideas

5. Round and Compact Dining Table

This choice is similar to the round dining table. However, this is a little different. This table has four to five chairs with it. The chairs design follow the table round line so you can tuck in the chairs neatly under the table.

It means you don’t have to remove or replace the chairs when you need the table for cooking. It provides you with neat and decent looking table without the need to corner or move it for both cooking and dining.

Nice round dining table compact small kitchen furniture ideas

6. Leaf Table

This is the combination of folding console and extendable table, and this option is really popular today. This table doesn’t look like one. In fact, this table is more like a console when you don’t use it. You can place it next to the wall so it frees some space.

When you need it for cooking or dining, you only need to fold out the leaves of the table. Then, it provides you more space and it seats more people.

Leaf dining table diy design ideas

7. Table with Benches

This style is always welcomed and it makes a perfect choice for a small space. It makes a great option for a kitchen table as it provides you with enough surface where you can cook. The design is simple and modern so it doesn’t take a lot of space.

The best thing about this table is that the benches are tucked in under the table. So whenever you need more rooms, you can insert them in.

Dining table with benches and chairs

8. Multipurpose Bar

This is also a perfect table for a kitchen, especially the small one. It naturally belongs in the kitchen, or at least near to. It doesn’t need a lot of space as you can attach one of the widths on the wall. For a small kitchen, choose the small one.

You can also opt for one that has attached to wall cabinet for more purposes. Add with stools, and you have a perfect set. You can prepare your recipe, dine, and work on the table.

Small kitchen bar table space saving

9. Multifunctional Counter

There is a revolutionary design for counter these days. It looks like the ordinary counter with extra corner shape attach on one point of the counter. When you don’t use it, it looks like a display counter and cabinet where you put things on.

When you need a table, you only need to swipe the moveable part and you have an L-shape dining table set. The counter stays so you don’t need to move your stuffs from there. Add a couple of chairs and you can serve a party.

Multifunctional furniture small spaces dining table kitchen countertops

10. Industrial Counter Height Table

Industrial design is probably the best one for a small space. The design line is neat and tidy, allowing you to get more available space in the kitchen. You can choose your own shape for this table.

You can press the table on the wall and add a pair of chairs so you can serve dinner for two. When you have to, pull the table and add a pair of chair more and you can have a double date.

Rustic industrial counter height table woods

11. Square Table with Minimalist Ottoman

We are talking about a square table with one heavy foot under the surface on the middle. Choose the right size that fits your room. This will make an ideal kitchen table for being wide enough.

For the seats, add four ottomans with hidden storage in it. Tuck them in when you don’t need to sit, so the shape is compact and more accessible comfortably.

Dining table ottoman chairs

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