10 Small House Hacks Space Saving Ideas

Dealing with a small house can be really tough especially when we try to give a smooth house. The space is too little and we feel crowded every time we try to make the house comfortable. It takes a little more creativity when it comes to space saving for a small house, but these small house hacks space saving ideas should help out.

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1. Add Tall Bookshelves

A small house can always use more storage space to organize the rooms. Wall to ceiling bookshelf is the right answer for this. It provides you with more than enough space for your stuffs while it saves some of your available space. The trick is on the size and how you place it.

Choosing wall to ceiling height is the right size. It gives a lot of spaces, so you can put in more things. Place the bookshelf on the wall. Make sure that you attach it securely to avoid accidents for being heavy. Now, you store many things and you have a lot of spaces.

Tall bookshelves living room built ins nook

2. Get Hidden Storage

Instead of displaying all of your stuffs, you can opt for storing some of them so you get more available space and room. The best option will be adding more hidden storage. The idea of hidden is to use the existing items for storage as well. It means more things off your floor.

You can try the old ideas of using storage ottoman, sofa with storage under it, coffee table with storage hidden inside, and more. While it is easy to store and access things, it allows you to store things without adding more storage item on the floor.

Coffee table with hidden storage diy

3. Use Your Stair

Similar to the previous idea, you should give any detail in the house double function. As the furniture already has storage function too, you should consider the under stair space for additional purposes. There are many things that you can consider for this.

Several interior designers will suggest you to build storage on it. If you already have enough storage, you can try the alternatives. You can build a reading nook, a nursery corner, a small office or other room you need right now. Maximizing this space allows you to add room or function without using more floors.

Creative room and storage space under stairs basements

4. Foldable Furniture

A small house always deserves some foldable furniture. This answers your need on bigger rooms sometimes while it makes sure you can clean the room easily. There are many foldable furnitures with decent design today. You can opt for them to get the purpose and the look at the same times.

You can try using the foldable dining table. Many world class brands make this table, in which you can attach it on the wall and fold it once you are done using it. There are fancy foldable chairs as well as bed that you can consider.

Foldable table wall space saving
Image: homedit.com

5. Try Sliding Doors

Sliding door is how you save some more space. Many people often forget that when they open the door, they need some space so it can be opened or stay opened. Meanwhile, space is something luxurious in a small house. This is when sliding door answers your need.

Sliding door allows you to connect rooms without the need for the door swing when you open it. It is easy to organize the furniture near it too. Simply make sure your furniture isn’t attached to the wall so the sliding door can go through it.

Opt for glass door if you don’t need some privacy for the next room. It even gives bigger space impression while it allows more lights to go through. Bright room always looks roomier.

Wooden sliding doors rustic space saving

6. Opt for Smaller Furniture

It is only logical for you to use only small sized furniture in a small house. It allows you to get the coziness while you have free space for smooth flow in the house. You can try lower furniture which is on trend today.

Try to use tiny table, smaller chairs instead of the wide ones, and smaller couch. Make sure to measure your room size when you attempt to buy a new set of furniture. It needs to fit well instead of filling the room without sparing space for indoor traffic.

Tiny table and chairs space saving

7. Wheel It!

Wheel is something small but right for a small house. It allows you to reach the function while it also allows you to have the flexibility. For example, you may not have enough space for a bar, but you can wheel a small bar.

Instead of building a bar, you can try buying wheeled cart and put your bar supplies on it. While it gives you fast and easy access to your booze, you can move it anywhere. It means you can roll it over the edge when you need some more space. You can also pull it over whenever you need to.

Small bar on wheels for small space

8. Compact Furniture Design

There are many more options for furniture today. Thank God for minimalist and modern style, there are compact designs for all items of furniture including vanity, living room set, and dining room set. They aren’t as wide and as large as you expect, but they deliver the same coziness and function.

Choose this kind of design so you can complete your furniture set while you manage to give smooth flow in the house for being not too crowded. Don’t worry. Instead of looking dreadful, these furniture items are commonly so stylish.

Compact furniture design tiny homes
Image: homedit.com

9. Painting Hidden Storage

While most people just hang the painting, you can enrich it a little bit. You can create a look as if the painting is framed. While in fact, you have a storage behind the painting. The design is simple. If you fold open the painting, there will be a small space in which you can hang things on it. It reduces the space taken for those stuffs.

If this painting is in your bedroom, you can hang your jewelry and other things precious so they are hidden from anyone. It goes the same way for other paintings on the other room.

Creative painting hidden storage design ideas for space saving your small home hacks

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